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Community Presentations April 2019 Update

"The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else." - Carson McCullers

Rotary Club and Assistance League Presentations 

The Community Foundation's Nick Tscheekar and Luiza Benisano served as guest speakers to discuss the Caregiver Support Initiative at The Downtown Rotary Club at the Eldorado Resort Casino, and to the Assistance League University on their "Becoming a Caregiver" class.

Upcoming Presentations 

Our upcoming presentations will be held at the Older Americans Month Kickoff on May 1st, and at the Free Masons on June 10th.

We are open to presenting and discussing to all groups/organizations that will benefit from learning more about our Caregiver Support Initiative. For more information, please call the Community Foundation at 775-333-5499.


Read different stories shared by caregivers and professionals from our local community. Read William Palmer III's take on "Ride Sharing and Caregiving," where he discusses the pros and cons of ride-sharing services, Uber and Lyft, and how it benefits older people to maintain their active lifestyle, here: . You can also read up on how our Toolkit can help working caregivers and educate businesses about caregiving in the workforce here: .

Caregiver's Story

Read one woman's brave story about how she took on the role as a family caregiver, and cared for her husband, whom doctors said would only live for three months, but lived for another 12 years.

Read Honor Jones's incredible journey on becoming a caregiver here: .

To learn more about the many other local resources listed to help caregivers, please visit