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Choose a fund that is right for you

Regardless of what issue moves you to take action, we can help you create a fund that evolves with you, your family, and your needs. Whether you are considering opening a donor-advised fund to start your charitable giving now or you’re planning for the future, we offer a fund that meets the level of involvement you want in your philanthropy and will make the most meaningful impact.

Donor advised fund

Donor Advised Funds

Make it personal. Organize and simplify your giving.

Donor-advised funds are a tax-advantaged, convenient way to organize your philanthropy, a great solution for: 

  • People who want to keep the fun of giving--but lose the paperwork
  • Families looking for a way to engage multiple generations in giving
  • Securing a charitable deduction when you have a taxable event
  • Structuring a corporate giving program
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Scholarship Fund

Change the future for deserving students.

You choose your scholarship selection criteria such as the high school or university, field of study, and demographics of students.

We create and manage the student application and award process.

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Field of Interest Fund

Make a big impact in the cause or place you are most passionate about.

Establish a Field of Interest fund and make charitable grants to support a cause or a geographic area you care about. Donors have created Community Foundation Field of Interest funds that reflect their unique interests, such as supporting seniors, caring for the Truckee River, and improving classrooms and helping teachers in Washoe County Schools.

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Charitable assets

Legacy Fund

Give the gift of a lifetime.

Care for your community, support your favorite cause, or invest in future generations. Learn about tax wise strategies that can benefit your estate or family.

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Nonprofit Fund

Build an endowment to support your mission.

An endowed fund that generates an annual grant for your organization from the invested earnings.  Our investment capabilities give you access to world-class financial and investing expertise that otherwise might be unavailable.

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Affiliate Fund

Give where you live.

Community Foundation regional affiliate funds are endowments established by the residents of a community for the express benefit of that community – forever.

Affiliate funds of Northern Nevada

It is important that families talk about supporting their communities and put their money where their mouth is—to do something meaningful or to help causes they believe in. The Community Foundation is an excellent teacher and source of information but encourages donors to contribute their own thoughts on giving.

- Susan Lynn, Fundholder