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Care. Connect. Engage.

Three simple words, three profound actions. These actions define what the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada does—and how we do it. From creating custom charitable giving solutions to bringing people together to solve vexing community challenges, we connect people who care with causes that matter to enhance the lives of all us.

Sharing Our Thanks ... and Our Thankful List!

The Community Foundation Board and staff are for the generosity, commitment, and community spirit of our partners, fundholders, nonprofit community and every member of our region who shares in the work of serving and enhancing our region. Thank you!

Download our Thankful List for your fridge, created by our David Stipech for his family over the years, and sharing it with you for yours as you gather this Thanksgiving season. Enjoy!

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Manage Your Charitable Giving

Every day, we work closely with individuals and their trusted financial advisors to create custom giving solutions based on their values. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped Northern Nevadans give in meaningful, impactful, confidential ways. From donor-advised funds with the flexibility to redirect giving to designated funds that support a singular cause to endowments that live forever, the Community Foundation is Northern Nevada’s most trusted charitable giving resource.

Meggin McIntosh chose a Community Foundation donor advised fund for her giving.
Meggin McIntosh chose a Community Foundation donor advised fund for her giving. Read Meggin's Story

Supporting the promise of education

Community Foundation scholarships are as varied as our recipients with donors creating funds to meet their personal objectives. Scholarship applications for year ahead will open on Jan. 15, 2022.

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Grants supporting nonprofits

Here you will find open requests for grant proposals. Our grants represent the generosity of visionary donors and the causes that they value. Many of our community’s nonprofits exist and thrive with the support of these grants.

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Funding a better tomorrow

We administer a variety of fund types to meet the goals and needs of our community givers. When you give, we enhance the impact of your gift by combing it with others in the community.

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Success stories

Village on Sage in Reno

Donor Advised Fund

Village on Sage Street Reaches 100% Occupancy

Thanks to fundholders and donors the Village on Sage Street is home this winter to 216 people, many who were homeless or on the verge of homelessness. A stable and secure home is life changing. Even better, the Village on Sage Street is a warm and welcoming community.

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Food Bank worker

Donor Advised Fund

Community Foundation Grants to Food Bank up 300%

Community Foundation fundholders recognize the problem of food uncertainty, rising hunger, and poor nutrition in our neighborhoods and have stepped up.

Read More
Recipient of distance learning home computers

Legacy Fund

Grants help Buy Home Computers for Students For Distance Learning

Through grants from two donor advised funds, and a $12,500 grant from the COVID-19 Relief Fund, The Community Foundation fundholders supported the laptop drive and . . .  

Read More

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We believe working together will build a better community.

Building housing people can afford, initiatives on caregiving and preventing scams, and offering education about philanthropy are ways the Community Foundation works with residents to build long-term caring solutions. When we pitch in and share responsibility for our community’s well-being, we can increase the quality of life for generations of Nevadans. That is what sets the Community Foundation apart from commercial gift funds. Our mission is not growth, it is service.  Our measurement is not assets, it is impact. Our interest is in the community’s interest.

Working together with small businesses

Latest Blogs

8 Ways to Reflect Thankfulness Throughout this Holiday Season

November 23, 2021

Thanksgiving is the traditional start of the holiday season. Here are a few ideas to help extend that grateful spirit throughout the holidays by "giving back," which is what philanthropy is all about.

Year-End Tax Planning

November 19, 2021

Just days away now, December is a great time to think about charitable needs and to make charitable gifts that provide financial benefits back to the donor. The Community Foundation partners with hundreds of families in incorporating these strategies and has the resources and structure to help families with tax-wise gifts of any size or type.

Selling Income Property + Charitable Passion = Zero Tax Sale

November 11, 2021

Financial and life goals, coupled with a passion for a cause, often motivate people to look into their assets to find something they can turn into charitable dollars. The Community Foundation explores solutions together to help make the most of their gifts. One example is called the “Zero Tax Sale.” 

Chris Askin Announces Retirement as President & CEO of the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada

Chris Askin, President & CEO, will retire Jan. 28, 2022

Sept. 20, 2021

The new millennium was just months old when, in June 2000, the seven-member Board of Directors of northern Nevada’s fledgling Community Foundation hired local nonprofit leader Chris Askin as its Executive Director. 

After nearly 22 years as the driving force behind the organization’s impressive growth and far-reaching community benefit, Askin has announced his retirement, effective Jan. 28, 2022.

During Askin’s two decades in leading the Community Foundation – the Board elevated him to President and CEO in 2007 – the organization has consistently increased its managed assets, added services to support fundholders, donors and nonprofits, and helped bring about countless, meaningful impacts in the community. The organization recently updated its name to Community Foundation of Northern Nevada (formerly Western Nevada).

“Building an organization that has earned the community’s faith, trust, and friendship has been the honor of my life,” Askin said. “Leading the Community Foundation was a dream come true for me. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to build an organization from the ground up. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have held a leadership role that has fit my skill sets and abilities – and one that has been so personally and professionally rewarding.”

“The board leadership, professional staff, and overwhelming support from donors has only just begun to make our community better for all of us and for future generations.” – Chris Askin

The mission of the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada is to “connect people who care with causes that matter.” The Community Foundation encourages philanthropic giving as a way of life, administers funds, provides expertise to guide fundholders, and leads several community initiatives. Fundholders can receive tax advantages and other financial benefits while giving back to the community they love and people they treasure – in their backyard or across the globe.

Askin took on the Executive Director role in 2000, as a new leader of a new organization in an industry that was new to our region. The Community Foundation had been established in 1998, at a time when 650 community foundations existed in the United States. Today that number has grown to more than 750 nationwide. “It is clear that the concept of a community foundation is powerful, effective, and works incredibly well,” Askin said. 

Over his career, Askin earned the philanthropic industry’s top certifications: Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) in 1996, prior to joining the Community Foundation, and Certified Specialist in Planned Giving (CSPG) in 2003. The certifications reflect his expertise, as well as his long-established practice of avidly reading everything available on funds and fundraising, community foundations, leadership and more, while networking with a circle of colleagues across the country. 

Today, Askin sees the results of his years of work reflected in the expertise of his 11-person staff, a dynamic Professional Advisors Council, and an impressive list of Board, committee and “Ambassador” members. Over the past two decades, they’ve all worked together to secure more than $220 million in gifts received, $145 million in grants and scholarships distributed, and assets of $150 million.

“Thinking about Chris and the impact he has had brings a smile to my face. The Community Foundation is in an excellent position to continue to grow and impact our community for the good of all.– Longtime Board member and former Board Chair Jennifer Satre

“Throughout his nearly 22 years, Chris has provided the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada with outstanding leadership through strong visioning and strategic thinking that has guided the staff and our board to where it is today,” current Board Chair Kevin Melcher said. “The local and regional networking developed under Chris’ direction has benefited countless people through philanthropy and catapulted the Community Foundation into positions of leadership on a number of important community initiatives.” 

For Askin, it’s all about serving the fundholders and the people of the community. “The board leadership, professional staff, and overwhelming support from donors has only just begun to make our community better for all of us and for future generations,” Askin said. “Our future is brighter, thanks to these committed people.”

More than 100 of those committed people have served with Askin on the Community Foundation Boards during his tenure. 

“Thinking about Chris and the impact he has had on the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada brings a smile to my face,” longtime Board member and former Board Chair Jennifer Satre said. “When I first became a trustee in the fall of 2001, the fledgling Foundation had assets of just a few million dollars and a staff of two. Chris has always understood the importance of building relationships, whether with staff, the board, fundholders, or others in the community.”

A committee has been formed and a search is currently underway with the goal of naming Askin’s successor by year’s end.

“With Chris’ steady guidance, his passion for our community, and his commitment to making a difference,” Satre said, “the Community Foundation is in an excellent position to continue to grow and impact our community for the good of all.”

Jim Pfrommer, Past Board Chair

I was born to a loving family who gave me a safe and beautiful home, sent me to good schools, provided me with many wonderful travel experiences, and gave me every opportunity to be successful. All I want is to help others realize their dreams, reach their potential, and have a chance for success like I had

- Jim Pfrommer, Past Board Chair