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Care. Connect. Engage.

Three simple words, three profound actions. These actions define what the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada does—and how we do it. From creating custom charitable giving solutions to bringing people together to solve vexing community challenges, we connect people who care with causes that matter to enhance the lives of all of us.

Meet the Community Foundation's New CEO and Newest Fundholder, Eaton Dunkelberger

April 25, 2022, marked the first day under the Community Foundation’s new leadership with President and CEO, Eaton Dunkelberger. Eaton and his wife, Kate, celebrated the new role by starting a Donor Advised Fund with the Community Foundation.

Kevin Melcher, the Board Chair, said, “I am honored to welcome him as President and CEO on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Advisory Board, Fundholders and Professional Advisory Committee. Eaton’s leadership experience and local community engagement is critical as we move the Community Foundation towards new levels of community support.

Eaton has been hard at work since being named the Community Foundation’s President and CEO in March.

Eaton Dunkelberger

Resources for Humanitarian Support for Ukraine

On Feb. 24, Russia’s military began a broad military assault on Ukraine, involving air and missile strikes in main cities, and invasion of ground troops. This latest attack is a significant escalation in a multi-year crisis stemming from 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea and supported armed separatists in Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia.

For those wishing to provide assistance, please use the link below to view several resources of humanitarian support for Ukraine.

Women in heavy coats in Ukraine

Transferring Stock? Use this Simple Form

Trends continue in 2022 as many investors are finding a stock transfer a simple way to support the Community Foundation's work while meeting their own financial and tax goals. Download the Stock Gift Transfer Form here.

Manage Your Charitable Giving

Every day, we work closely with individuals and their trusted financial advisors to create custom giving solutions based on their values. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped Northern Nevadans give in meaningful, impactful, confidential ways. From donor-advised funds with the flexibility to redirect giving to designated funds that support a singular cause to endowments that live forever, the Community Foundation is Northern Nevada’s most trusted charitable giving resource.

Meggin McIntosh chose a Community Foundation donor advised fund for her giving.
Meggin McIntosh chose a Community Foundation donor advised fund for her giving. Read Meggin's Story

Supporting the promise of education

Community Foundation scholarships are as varied as our recipients with donors creating funds to meet their personal objectives. Scholarship applications for year are now open as of Jan. 15, 2022.

Find a scholarship

Grants supporting nonprofits

Here you will find open requests for grant proposals. Our grants represent the generosity of visionary donors and the causes that they value. Many of our community’s nonprofits exist and thrive with the support of these grants.

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Funding a better tomorrow

We administer a variety of fund types to meet the goals and needs of our community givers. When you give, we enhance the impact of your gift by combing it with others in the community.

Explore our Funds

Success stories

Village on Sage in Reno

Donor Advised Fund

Village on Sage Street Reaches 100% Occupancy

Thanks to fundholders and donors the Village on Sage Street is home this winter to 216 people, many who were homeless or on the verge of homelessness. A stable and secure home is life changing. Even better, the Village on Sage Street is a warm and welcoming community.

Read More
Food Bank worker

Donor Advised Fund

Community Foundation Grants to Food Bank up 300%

Community Foundation fundholders recognize the problem of food uncertainty, rising hunger, and poor nutrition in our neighborhoods and have stepped up.

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Recipient of distance learning home computers

Legacy Fund

Grants help Buy Home Computers for Students For Distance Learning

Through grants from two donor advised funds, and a $12,500 grant from the COVID-19 Relief Fund, The Community Foundation fundholders supported the laptop drive and . . .  

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We believe working together will build a better community.

Building housing people can afford, initiatives on caregiving and preventing scams, and offering education about philanthropy are ways the Community Foundation works with residents to build long-term caring solutions. When we pitch in and share responsibility for our community’s well-being, we can increase the quality of life for generations of Nevadans. That is what sets the Community Foundation apart from commercial gift funds. Our mission is not growth, it is service.  Our measurement is not assets, it is impact. Our interest is in the community’s interest.

Working together with small businesses

Latest Blogs

Community Foundation Adds New Advisory Board Members in July 2022

July 29, 2022

We are very grateful for our Board members who generously donate their time and skills to strengthen the Community Foundation. They work on committees, serve as ambassadors, give to our operating fund, help advance the Community Foundation – the list goes on and on. We are excited to introduce you to four new Advisory Board members, who started their term this July.

Gifts of Real Estate While Prices Remain High

June 10, 2022

The Community Foundation of Northern Nevada has a variety of giving options to help you optimize your philanthropy and minimize your tax burden. Gifts of properties can provide many options to make a transformative charitable gift, often preventing capital gains taxes or creating a lifetime income. I have seen an influx in interest in gifts of real estate in the last month at the Community Foundation. Several current fundholders have initiated real estate gifts recently to maximize their charitable contributions while real estate prices remain highly appreciated.

Thanking the Community Foundation's Investment Committee

May 27, 2022

I want to thank our colleagues who sit on our Investment Committee, helping us select and evaluate our portfolio of Financial Advisors to ensure we chart an effective mix of offense and defense through this challenging time. We have a sharp team assembled across our Board, Consultants, and Advisors with centuries of collective experience managing portfolios, and I am confident we have the right team and processes in place to ensure the best returns for your (or your clients’) charitable aims.
Jim Pfrommer, Past Board Chair

I was born to a loving family who gave me a safe and beautiful home, sent me to good schools, provided me with many wonderful travel experiences, and gave me every opportunity to be successful. All I want is to help others realize their dreams, reach their potential, and have a chance for success like I had

- Jim Pfrommer, Past Board Chair