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Disaster Relief - Taiwan Earthquake

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When crises unfold, people, organizations, and philanthropists unite to support affected communities. Lauren Renda, a dedicated philanthropic advisor at the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada, is committed to connecting those who wish to help with reliable ways to assist civilians impacted by violence in the region. Her steadfast commitment has made her a trusted resource for those seeking to provide aid during these difficult times. Today, we're sharing Lauren's carefully vetted list of organizations supporting relief efforts in Taiwan.

An Overview

Officials have announced that at least 10 people were reported dead and over 1,000 were injured in the strongest earthquake that has not been seen since 1999. Fortunately, “Taiwan’s earthquake preparedness is among the most advanced in the world,” according to Stephen Gao, a seismologist and professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology. “The island has implemented strict building codes, a world-class seismological network, and widespread public education campaigns on earthquake safety.”

In the hours after the earthquake, several Taiwanese companies have pledged over $17m in disaster relief support.

Serious damage has been reported throughout the island, and intense rescue efforts are still underway to find those missing, especially in the hard-hit mountainous inland. The most pressing needs currently are emergency shelters, medical care, and essential supplies for those affected. Further needs include emergency food aid, psycho-social support, and temporary education facilities to replace damaged schools. As with any disaster, relief efforts will be long-term; immediate, basic needs are addressed in the first few weeks, but long-term support for rebuilding efforts will also be essential.

If you are looking for ways to help, please consider the organizations below:

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
EIN: 94-2952782

Donations allow Tzu Chi USA to provide timely relief when disaster strikes, food to ease hunger, medical care to those who can’t afford it, support for students, and so much more.

Peace Winds America
EIN: 26-3744952

  • Providing humanitarian assistance and disaster response to reduce suffering caused by natural disasters in the area.
  • Donations to Peace Winds America will support the organization as well as ongoing programs for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery around the world.

GlobalGiving’s Taiwan Earthquake Relief Fund
EIN: 30-0108263

Donations will be used to:

  • Provide food, water, and emergency medical supplies to people
  • Support temporary relief and emergency supplies for displaced families
  • Meet other needs that emerge