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Preventing Financial Scams

The Community Foundation's Preventing Financial Scams Initiative offers a number of free resources to help you avoid becoming victimized by scammers. 

Preventing Financial Scams Initiative

The Staying Safe After Loss Guidebook and Tips for Preventing Scams tip sheet and videos were created as part of the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada's Preventing Financial Scams Initiative, launched in 2019. The initiative aims to equip Nevadans with essential resources and information to avoid falling victim to scammers. Today, the initiative is led by the Better Business Bureau Serving Northern Nevada and Utah (BBB).

Focused on increasing community education about scams, the Preventing Financial Scams Initiative addresses the prevalence of scams and the need for awareness.

The Community Foundation's collaborative approach involves engaging diverse stakeholders, including organizations and residents, to tackle community challenges effectively. Through this process, the initiative's resources are seamlessly transitioned to other organizations, ensuring its impact is embedded in their ongoing work. This initiative was the third initiative for the Community Foundation and was transitioned to the BBB in 2023.

preventing scams
The Community Foundation of Northern Nevada has produced a series of short public service videos to help consumers avoid becoming victims of this growing threat in our community and around the world.

The series of 11 scam-prevention videos aim to increase awareness of scams with tips to help people avoid being victimized. Created in collaboration with the Better Business Bureau, each video averages 90 seconds in length and covers a specific type of scam:

  1. Email Scam Prevention – English
  2. Grandparent Scam Prevention – English
  3. Romance Scam Prevention  – English
  4. Puppy Scam Prevention – English
  5. Telephone Scam Prevention – English
  6. General Scam Prevention – English
  7. General Scam Prevention – Spanish
  8. General Scam Prevention – Tagalog
  9. Notario Fraud  –  English (Immigration/Legal Fraud)
  10. Notario Fraud  –  Spanish (Immigration/Legal Fraud) 
  11. Notario Fraud  –  Tagalog (Immigration/Legal Fraud) 

Learn More About Preventing Common Scams


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Reporting scams, fraud, or financial abuse

Nevada Attorney General
Phone: 888-434-9989

Federal Trade Commission
Phone: 1-877-382-4357

Nevada Consumer Affairs

Adult Protective Services
Cases of abuse, exploitation, abandonment, and/or neglect of seniors or vulnerable populations
Phone: 888-729-0571

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Complaints about financial products and services

Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker

Other Government Agencies

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Federal Trade Commission – Identity Theft

FBI Scams and Safety

Scam Trackers and Fraud Alerts

Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker

AARP Scam Tracking Map

Robo Calls and Phone Scams

Federal Trade Commission National Do Not Call Registry
Phone: 1-888-382-1222

Phone Number – Lookup Unknown Caller Directory

Call Blocker and Protection

Checking Charities

Community Foundation of Northern Nevada
Phone: 775-333-5499

Nonprofit reports and information

Charity Navigator Evaluates charities

Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance

Tax Exempt Organization Search

“The Community Conversation is an excellent format to get large amounts of information

- Fred Ranney, participant in Preventing Scams Dinner and Conversation