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Connecting people to work together on community-wide challenges builds resident engagement and long term, caring solutions.

The Community Foundation brings together people who may be on opposite sides of an issue to address problems and achieve real solutions.

A Collaborative Process. You have a stake in the strength of our community.
The Community Foundation defines stakeholders as anyone who cares. Whether you are a nonprofit staff member, private business employee, government worker, or a concerned community member, there is a place for you.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Volunteer for the initiative steering committee.
  2. It is easy to take part and make your voice heard at a public convening.
  3. Follow the progress of the initiatives through email notices, Community Matters e-news and on Facebook.

Solutions through Citizen Engagement
We believe resident engagement will build a better community. The success of Community Foundation initiatives depends upon participation from residents and leaders in the region. When we pitch in and share responsibility for our community’s well-being, we can increase the quality of life for generations of Nevadans.

Your Big Idea
The award-winning Village on Sage Street is home to up to 216 people who were struggling to afford rent in Reno.

Preventing Financial Scams Initiative launched in October 2019 involves people of all ages and all walks of life in the Truckee Meadows. Learn more.

The Caregiver Support Initiative is working on ways to make life less stressful for family caregivers for senior citizens, learn more.

Please visit the  Caregiver Support Initiative and Preventing Financial Scams pages to see ongoing projects and results.

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Community Engagement Officer
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Community Engagement Associate
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