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RFP - Architect and Engineering Services for the Expansion of a Housing Development (Due May 23rd before 4:00 pm)

General Project Information 

Community Foundation of Northern Nevada (CFNN) is hereby soliciting proposals from interested licensed architects and engineering firms and professionals, including licensed civil engineers, to complete the modular expansion of an existing 216-unit dorm-style affordable housing project for individuals making low and very-low income. The expansion will add 96 additional units to an adjoining site.

The selected A/E professional must have, and show, the experience and knowledge of development through all stages of design. As this is a modular construction project, relevant experience is preferred. The A/E professional will enter into a contract with the CFNN and will work directly with the CFNN Project Manager on all aspects of the project and activities.

A site visit to The Village on Sage – Phase 1, is not mandatory but recommended. The walk will be held on Thursday, 5/18/23 from 10am-11:30am.

RFI’s will be due on Tuesday, 5/23/23 no later than 4pm to

Project Background
The Village on Sage Street has successfully provided safe and affordable housing to over 450 low-income individuals. The Village has been full since 2020 and is a much-needed housing asset for our community. The Village on Sage Street expansion is targeted toward individuals who are working or on fixed income that are priced out of the housing market. The population today is 46% individuals who earn income from employment, and 54% that receive SSI/SSDI or another form of benefits. Among the people who have moved-out from the Village since it opened in July 2019, through the end of the first quarter of 2022, 17% of lodgers were able to increase their income while living at the Village, 44% were able to reduce their debt, and 45% of move-outs are positive where the departing lodger typically moves on to permanent housing.

Please see accompanying documents

Project Description
The A/E firm will be responsible for project coordination including design documentation and specifications, schedules, City and State permitting, budgeting, communications, and compliance in reporting to the owner’s team (encompassing funding agencies, local jurisdictions, and state agencies as needed). An expanded list of anticipated project scope is detailed here; however, the nature of the A/E firm’s role is to anticipate potential problems and address unknowns as they are presented. This list is not to be considered all inclusive.


  • ADA Modifications (including restrooms and entries)
  • Plumbing repairs throughout, as needed
  • Roof replacement
  • Water damage to several rooms from roof leaks
  • New floors throughout
  • New ACT in hall connector and throughout, as needed
  • New fire sprinkler and alarm system throughout
  • HVAC replacement, as needed


  • Sewer line relocation
  • Relocation of other existing utilities, as needed
  • New utility lines
  • New fence around the property
  • New landscaping and hardscape

Location of Project
The project is located at 360 Sage Street & 0 Sage Street in Reno, Nevada, 89512.

Length of Contract
CFNN would prefer that the A/E professional begin work as soon as possible after approval of the contract documents. The length of the contract between the CFNN and the A/E professional will be established during contract development with the selected firm. The project schedule will be analyzed with the A/E professional and CFNN to establish critical schedules and reasonable times which are based upon those various conditions such as mobilization, availability of staffing, weather conditions, and any other conditions agreed to upon by the parties.

Required Qualifications

  • All A/E professionals proposed for this contract must be a licensed professionals by the State of Nevada.
  • The A/E professional and company representative must have extensive experience in mechanical, structural, and civil engineering, and must prove knowledge and experience with planning and designing housing projects.
  • The awarded firm must possess proven experience in working on projects under various condition types such as but not limited to; geotechnical experience with earth moving
  • conditions, soil conditions, core sampling, compaction testing, and an extensive background and knowledge of construction practices and standards as well as other services which become apparent during the project.
  • The A/E professional awarded this project must have a high degree of organizational and record keeping skill and possess the necessary knowledge and experience applicable to the assigned work. CFNN will require extensive records of daily activities, inspection record keeping, and records certifying each phase of work.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in modular construction.
  • Experience in working with non profit organizations.
  • Experience with overseeing projects funded by federal grants, especially as they apply to
  • federal procurement standards under Uniform Rules (Contract Provisions for Non
  • Federal Entity Contracts Under Federal Awards), 2 C.F.R. § 200.326.

For scope of work, list of deliverables, proposal evaluation, timeline, proposal submission requirements, and more click here.

Contact Information
For further information regarding the project, the Request for Proposals submission, contract requirements, and all other inquires please contact Lauren Janowsky, Owner’s Representative of CFNN, Cumming Management Group, at