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Community Foundation Fundholder Services Increase

During 2018 we doubled our staff in Stewardship, now two experts, Lauren Renda and Lyndsey Crossley manage Community Foundation key relationships. Over the last year, they have handled more than 700 grants, many with grant acceptance agreements and reporting requirements. Our goal is to build relationships that bring fundholders satisfaction and a deeper connection with their charitable giving and our community. As our capacity to serve grew, so did fundholder participation in Community Foundation initiatives and investment options.
  1. The Impact Investment option provides fundholders the opportunity to invest 3% of their charitable fund locally through the Impact Investment Fund. More than four dozen fundholders participate. In 2018 the Impact Investment was in Hillside Meadows, an affordable apartment complex for 44 low-income adults with a preference for veterans.  The return is a fixed 3%, which is a competitive rate to other fixed-income instruments, and of course, the added dividend is the local benefit.
  2. Fundholders were also offered the chance to support the Community Endowment. And they did - more than $4 million was committed to the Community Endowment in 2018.
  3. Interested Fundholders were encouraged to make grants to support the Village on Sage Street. They responded by directing more than $1.8 million to fund permanent low-income housing, addressing a huge community need.

Philanthropic Services for families are expanding.

Succession planning, family retreats, special programs for younger generations, and legacy planning will be enhanced in 2019.  We are working on adding new “values-based” investment options for fundholders who want long-term fund assets to be invested in ways that reflect their values. Our research shows that Fundholders will not need to give up growth performance to invest in this way. Community Foundation Fundholders are very dear to us.  The example they set through their generous giving is our inspiration, and indeed, our joy.  We work closely with Fundholders to be sure they are happy with Community Foundation services, and to the extent possible, thrilled with the impact of their giving. Is there a philanthropic subject you would like to explore? Whether related to your charitable objectives, gifting of a complicated or unusual asset, estate planning, or some crazy idea to make our community a better place, please do not hesitate to call. Chris Askin, President and CEO 775-333-5499 Connecting people who care with causes that matter