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Year 2018 in Review

Last week I reflected on the extraordinary life of service and leadership led by our Board Chair, Jim Pfrommer. Today I look back at the overall impact of the generous gifts made by our community, and the impact made by Community Foundation grants and community engagement projects.

Gifts to the Community Foundation in 2018 totaled more than $13 million, which brought our charitable assets to $108 million. We administered about 900 grants and scholarships totaling more than $12 million.

Contributed gifts included the establishment of new charitable remainder trusts, and a variety of gifts of property, including multiple undeveloped lots, personal residences, mineral rights, and even a beachfront home in North Carolina.

The Professional Advisors Council (PAC) grew by a third, and eight businesses joined the Corporate Philanthropy Partners, which help make possible our increasing community impact work such as the Caregiver Support Initiative and the Village on Sage Street affordable community.

The Community Foundation continues to explore new strategies to increase the impact of philanthropy through partnerships and education, including more housing for low-income working families that we hope to launch later this year. We also adopted an advocacy policy.

Now halfway through our five-year strategic plan, the board and staff took to heart what we have accomplished and considered what we have learned through the process.

We reduced the number of tactics in the original strategic plan from 151 tactics (half of which are completed) to 38.  New more specific board goals were adopted.  The approved strategic plan modifications and the new tactics were incorporated into committee and staff job descriptions by year-end.  I am glad to share that we balanced our operating budget, something that as a business, charitable or not, is essential to success.

Our Board is phenomenal. Because of ongoing succession planning, we are well positioned to reach for the stars in 2019, as Jim would want us to do.

I am intensely focused on ensuring that your Community Foundation continues to grow and serve you, and those in need, through philanthropy and leadership. The Community Foundation is here to help you make your life one that truly counts, and which makes the world a better place for ourselves, and future generations of Nevadans. Call me at 775-333-5499 if you would like to discuss your philanthropic goals. Chris Askin, President, and CEO Community Foundation of Western Nevada