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StreetSmart 4 Youth Restaurant Fundraiser Raised Awareness, Compassion, and Dollars for Struggling Youth

Awareness, and compassion, when added to money, increases the good for our community.

Streetsmart 4 Youth grant reports are in from the four organizations that received the money earned during October 2016 Streetsmart 4 Youth restaurant fundraiser.  So much good happened when you added a buck or two to your lunch or dinner check. The money raised in 2016 provided youth with bus passes, food gift cards, meals in recovery programs, hygiene and safer-sex kits, school supplies, and health center referral cards.  Thank you.  This is a generous community, full of compassion for struggling young people. Diners understand it is tough to make a place for yourself without a caring adult in your life. Download the Streetsmart 4 Youth 2016 Benefit Brief. The money earned through Streetsmart 4 Youth is important.  But I think what has, even more, impact in the long-term are the table tents placed inside the restaurants. The tent pictured above shows in boldface the staggering number of homeless youth living in our community. Streetsmarts 4 Youth gives us the opportunity to combine dining and compassion.

A Personal Story

A couple of years ago my wife and I joined some friends in Portland at a glorious penthouse restaurant and bar with a great view of downtown.  These are old friends and we enjoyed some fine food and company and in the end had spectacular leftovers.  After packaging the leftovers up we headed out and my wife, who is the most compassionate person I know, saw a homeless person and handed them the still warm and delicious food.  It was raining lightly and cold and the gentleman gladly accepted the treats.  Combining dining with compassion is a wonderful idea. We all felt good about sharing our leftovers with that the gentleman on the Portland street. My wife also makes “kits” that we have in our family cars to give to people we see in need.  She makes dozens and dozens each year, different in summer than winter.  While I’ve learned about helping people through my work at the Community  Foundation, I have learned more from the heartfelt compassion I witness at home. Back in Portland, walking from the restaurant on the way back to the car we had a second encounter.  We happened upon Voodoo Donuts, but that’s another story. If you’d like to learn more about helping youth or supporting efforts like Streetsmart 4 Youth, please give us a call.  At the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, we connect people, like you, who care, with causes that matter. Chris Askin, President, and CEO.  775-762-1932 * The four organizations that received the donations collected during Streetsmart 4 Youth 2016 are: Children in Transition, The Eddy House, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, and Ridge House.