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Submit Your Big Idea for Community Foundation Initiative by April 30

Tscheekar-Nick-byjoseolivares By Nick Tscheekar, Director of Community Leadership There is one week left to send us Your Big Idea for the Community Foundation’s next initiative and we want to hear from you. All ideas are welcome. So far, we have received 13 initiatives proposals, but you can still send us Your Big idea until April 30. It is easy, watch our video, and send us Your Big Idea. Perhaps our next initiative idea may come from you. Improving the lives of people in our community is a big part of our mission. We convene stakeholders to address persistent issues in new and effective ways, by combining leadership and philanthropy to get results. Community engagement is crucial to our initiative work. We recognize some of the best ideas come from outside the walls of our office, which is why we want to hear from you. The idea for our Youth Network Initiative was presented by Butch Anderson based on an issue identified by the Children’s Cabinet. The concept for the Caregiver Support Initiative came from Grady Tarbtutton, former director of Washoe County Senior Services, who educated us on the challenges facing caregivers. Many of the Big Ideas we have received are related to areas that would be new territory for the Community Foundation, such as such ridesharing, improving public transportation and creating a walkable city, ending financial abuse, giving safety to victims of domestic violence, and providing better education on American civil government. As part of the ongoing conversation on housing, we have received several proposals related to housing and homelessness. As one person wrote, “Addressing homelessness in our community illustrates to those both within and outside of Reno that our city, in light of an expanding economy, is committed to maintaining a community of equal opportunity and respect of native populations.” The Community Foundation connects people who care with causes that matter and we want to know what causes matter to you. What issue do you think should be the focus of the Community Foundation’s next initiative?  Send us Your Big Idea by April 30.