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Making Progress at Village on Sage Despite Mud and Snow

Neither mud nor snow nor sleet shall keep the dedicated professionals working on the Village on Sage Street from their appointed tasks.  Or in this case, from  ADA bathroom modifications, fire sprinkler, and alarm work, ceiling and light installations, and everything it takes to make a comfortable, safe place to live. Though it has been an incredibly snowy and rainy winter in Reno, progress is continuing at the Village on Sage Street. As a reminder of the scale and affordability of the Village on Sage Street: it will house 220 residents in single-occupancy “dorm style” units. Monthly rent will be $400 per month (with a $400 refundable deposit at move-in). For qualified residents, this rent will be between 1/3rd and 1/6th of their monthly income. Residents must meet the income guidelines: making at least $1,300 and no more than $2,500 per month.  Rent includes utilities and access to Wi-Fi, onsite laundry, a gym, a Grab n’ Go food store, and outdoor picnic areas.  And, this modest rent will keep the Village on Sage Street sustainable without ongoing private or public subsidies! Despite the snowstorms during February, construction work continues.

Significant progress has been made inside the modular buildings.

Q & D, Goldrush Logistics, Group West Construction, Summit Engineering, Helix Electric, Gardner, Crime Alert, Hulery Drywall, and Orkin have all been working onsite. Goldrush Logistics, LLC has been finishing up the reassembly of the buildings and installing skirting. Q & D has been concentrating on the buildings, and their crews are pumping water from the puddles on the ground.

Hopefully, the weather will allow for underground work to resume as early as next week.

In the meantime, several other subcontractors have been continuing interior work. Hulery Drywall has been installing ceiling grid in each of the buildings with Helix Electric is simultaneously installing the lighting fixtures in the ceilings.

Group West Construction is starting on the ADA bathroom renovations in the dorm buildings and community buildings.

Gardner is doing the plumbing in the ADA bathrooms, and Helix the electrical work. ADA compliant restrooms are being added to the office building, community building, recreation building, and each of the dorm buildings. The Village on Sage Street will have Braille signage and strobe lights on the fire alarm system to accommodate people with disabilities. Crime Alert is installing the installation of a security system with over 60 cameras. Orkin Pest Control is setting up bait stations to ensure the Village stays free of pests and critters.

At this point, we are planning to have power by mid to late March.

Q & D and Helix Electric are working hard to get the power turned on to the buildings as soon as possible. Once utilities are complete, it will be down to the finishing touches and opening the doors to give 220 people a safe, affordable place to live. Thank you so much to all of the community partners, businesses, donors, and volunteers who have contributed to make this project a reality. Without you, this project would not be possible!

The sign-up list reached 200 early in February.

70% of those on the list show “employment” as their source of income.  Ages are spread somewhat evenly from 18-70+.  Only four show that they earn too much… more than $2,500, to qualify. I am eager to start talking about the “move-in” date, and along with that, the grand opening event.

The project is 70% funded.

We still need significant contributions to finish paying off the capital expenses for the Village on Sage.  Please consider a one-time investment in the lives of the thousands of people who will live in this transitional housing by making a contribution today. Donate online to help build a community for a hardworking person in Reno.