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Community Housing Land Trust will help provide residents find safe, comfortable, workforce housing.

The Community Housing Land Trust LLC was established on April 4, 2018. Land given to the Housing Land Trust will be used to provide affordable and workforce housing for northern Nevada communities.

Community Housing Land Trust Advisory Group

Steve Aichroth Harvey Fennell Michael Schnabel
Wendy Alderman Allison Gorelick Dian VanderWell
Gary Arthur Thomas Hall Grant Sims
David Dahl Bob Lissner George Summerhill

Our first property, donated by the City of Reno, is a five-acre parcel on Sage Street. We are working to bring a bridge housing solution to the housing crisis facing low-income residents in Reno. The Village on Sage will offer 200 single occupancy dorm units in a comfortable, secure environment at a rent of approximately $400 a month.

Help make housing a reality for hard-working members of our community who need a secure, comfortable place to live, so they can focus on financial stability and getting ahead.

 We Need Your Support To Raise $3.5 M for the Village on Sage Street

  • Tax-deductible 501 [c] 3
  • Write a check to Community Housing Land Trust (CHLT), 50 Washington Street, #300, Reno, NV 89503 or donate online with the above button
  • Use social media to get the word out
  • Raise funds from your company – pass the hat

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