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Community Housing Land Trust will help provide residents find safe, comfortable, workforce housing.

Land given to the Community Housing Land Trust LLC is used to provide affordable and workforce housing for northern Nevada communities.

Are you interested in donating land in northern Nevada for affordable housing?  Call Chris Askin, President/CEO at 775-333-5499 to discuss the benefits to your taxes and to the long term vitality of our community.

Village on Sage Street

The first property donated by the City of Reno to the Community Housing Land Trust is a four-acre parcel on Sage Street. Through a collaboration with the City of Reno, the Volunteers of America, and the Community Foundation,
The Village on Sage Street was built in 2019 for people earning less than 60% of AMI.  This one-of-a-kind community of 216 single occupancy dorm units is a comfortable, secure environment at a rent of approximately $400 a month.

10 Single Family Homes in Golden Valley







The City of Reno donated 2.5 acres of land in Golden Valley near West Golden Valley Road and Yorkshire Drive to the Community Housing Trust for 10 single-family homes in October 2020.  The 1,400 sq. foot 4-bedroom, 2.5 bath homes will be ready for sale to buyers earning less than 80% AMI by the end of 2021.  As with the City Cottage, the buyers will own the home and lease the land from the Community Housing Trust. It is expected that the price of these homes will be $100,000 less than comparable homes in the market.

City Cottage

City Cottage

City Cottage is the first single-family home offered for sale by the Community Housing Land Trust. Through this program, the land trust owns the land, and the homeowner is purchasing the house and will lease the land and pay a small monthly ground lease. By taking the price of the land out of the equation, the home will remain affordable. Income qualifications apply and the homeowner must agree to restrictions upon resale.

This single-family 2 bedrooms 1 bath + loft home has more than 1,120 square feet in an open concept. The .38 acre corner lot on septic includes a fenced yard and a large organic garden. Solar panels on the roof and a mini-split AC/Heater may generate net-zero energy.

Community Housing Land Trust Advisory Group

Steve Aichroth Harvey Fennell George Summerhill
Wendy Alderman Allison Gorelick Dian VanderWell
Gary Arthur Thomas Hall Grant Sims
David Dahl Bob Lissner Michael Schnabel