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Finding Charitable Gift Information is Easier than Finding Waldo

Where is Waldo

Where's Waldo?

Even though the internet contains so much information available at our fingertips, it can still be hard to find exactly the answers you need. The Community Foundation takes great pleasure in helping you find the answers to a charitable giving question easily.

You can quickly access a great deal of charitable gift planning information on our website,

Even better, if you send a quick email or a text question, we will send answers and information with lightning speed! The vast majority of requests I receive are for information regarding gift strategies and frequently used gift structures. Here are the most common charitable gift questions people ask each week.

I am asked most often about how Donor Advised funds work and how to set them up.

To make it easy to find this information, we have Donor Advised Funds listed first on our "Types of Funds" page. This link provides all the details in a few words and includes a "Sample Donor Advised Fund Agreement" form along with a much more detailed "Donor Advised Fund Handbook." Types of Funds Community Foundation of Northern Nevada (

Somewhat surprisingly, the second most frequent request for information is about Charitable Remainder Unitrusts.

More and more people who have already planned a bequest to charity are learning they can make the gift sooner to receive a tax deduction and income for life for themselves and their heirs. At the same time, they will avoid capital gains taxes. This link provides access to a description, a more detailed brochure, and even a calculator so you can see just how it works using an asset you would consider gifting.  How You Can Give - Charitable Unitrust Trust | Community Foundation of Western Nevada (

I also get questions about the benefits of gifting real estate.

In the past, most donors made gifts of appreciated stock. It is still a favorite way to establish and donate to a fund but gifting real estate has become equally popular. One reason for this is that we make it easy for the donors, and easy is what people desire. For more information about gifting real estate, click this link. What You Can Give - Land & Real Estate | Community Foundation of Western Nevada (

Of course, no written source of information will ever be as simple, specific to your needs, and helpful as talking with an experienced professional.

I enjoy talking with you about giving options and plans. There is never any fee for the Community Foundation's service of discussing and exploring the benefits of various gift arrangements. We can do a much better job of meeting your needs through dialog. You will find an extremely high level of discretion and privacy when you work with the Community Foundation. We can provide illustrations with actual numbers, as well as template documents and calculations for you and your professional advisor to review. These website links and our professional gift planning services differentiate the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada from every other charity in our region. We often serve as a broker of sorts to help a donor benefit a specific favorite charity when that charity does not have the capacity for gift planning or the ability to receive the type of asset of gift structure that is best for the donor. Call, email, or reach me through the website for any request or question that you may have regarding charitable gifting. There is nothing I like more than helping you spot Waldo in a crowd, quickly and efficiently. Chris Askin, President/CEO 775-333-5499 Connecting people who care with causes that matter.