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Atlantis Creates Award of Excellence Scholarship for Employees’ Families

Corporate Philanthropy Partner Atlantis Resort Casino Spa created a scholarship at the Community Foundation to encourage employees' children and grandchildren to attend a university in Nevada and major in the hospitality industry or a related field. The Atlantis Award of Excellence Scholarship supports college-bound children or grandchildren of Atlantis Team Members who have proven, through their high school grades and achievements, the ability to succeed at college. Applicants must have the desire to work in the hospitality industry, ideally with the intention, but not required, to join the Atlantis team as an intern, and then, as a full-time Team Member. Scholarship applicants will be evaluated on academic performance and financial need.  Scholarships are restricted to UNLV hospitality department or a related field at UNR. As a part of Atlantis’ commitment to continuous learning and on-going education, the company just launched a new scholarship for eligible children and grandchildren of Team Members.  Each year, the scholarship committee will award a winning recipient a scholarship for one full year of in-state tuition and required textbooks, at the in-state University of their choice (UNR or UNLV). The scholarship is renewable for up to an additional three years – four years total, providing the student maintains the required academic status, given the winner the ability to have their entire degree paid for by the Atlantis. Applications for 2019 have been received, and this year's awarded student will be selected by the Stewardship Committee, composed of Community Foundation Board members in early June.  Next year a second student will be chosen as a graduating high school senior and the year after a third. We look forward with pride to 2022 when the plan is that the Atlantis will be supporting, and will continue to support, four four-year scholarships in the cycle at one time.
 “The Atlantis has been successful because of the efforts of our team! We have always taken great pride in helping our Team Member build their careers. Over one third of our management team has been with us for a decade or more. We are very excited about this new scholarship program because it now allows us to help our Team Member’s families also build their careers!”   David Fahari
 If your company has been considering a scholarship, or a charitable foundation, the Community Foundation of Western Nevada can help.  Just give us a call.