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City Cottage with Country Comfort for Sale by the Community Housing Land Trust

Peaceful living in Reno – For income-qualified buyers


New Construction in an established neighborhood.
More than 1,100 square feet in this comfortable home.
Built with energy efficiency to keep power bills to a minimum.

Large lot leaves plenty of room for outdoor play!

This single-family 2 bedrooms 1 bath + loft home has more than 1,120 square feet
in an open concept. The .38 acre corner lot on septic includes a fenced yard
and a large organic garden. Solar panels on the roof and a mini-split AC/Heater
may generate net-zero energy.

Download and Print City Cottage Flyer

Complete Online Application

Email application to Michelle Duggan, MDuggan@nevadafund.org
Details: Michelle Duggan 775-333-5499
Community Foundation of Western Nevada

Income qualifications are based on family size and resale restrictions apply.

Minimum required annual income to qualify: $44,600 

The Community Housing Land Trust, LLC provides affordable and workforce housing to northern Nevada communities.

Selection Criteria

The City Cottage will be the first single-family home through the Community Housing Land Trust. Through this program, the land trust will own the land, and the homeowner is purchasing the house and will lease the land and pay a small monthly ground lease. By taking the price of the land out of the equation, the home will remain affordable. Income qualifications apply and the homeowner must agree to restrictions upon resale. An informational session on community land trusts and a Homebuyer Education course will be required before purchase. If you have any questions on how the Community Housing Land Trust homeownership program works or if you will qualify, please contact Michelle Duggan at mduggan@nevadafund.org or (775) 333-5499.


INCOME: The total household income of the family cannot exceed 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) based on family size.

Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
80 % AMI $44,600 $51,000 $57,350 $63,700 $68,800 $73,900 $79,000 $84,100

We will also look for a family that will maximize the use of the home (for the City Cottage this will be 2-4 people).

DEBT: We will be looking for a household that makes at least 3x the monthly housing costs (this includes mortgage, insurance, taxes, and ground lease payment). We will also assess other debt payments (car, loans, alimony, etc.) to be sure that this house is truly affordable for the homeowner.

*We will initially select applicants that qualify based on these income/debt guidelines. The remaining applicants will be scored based on the criteria below:

 CREDIT: 1 point will be given to applicants with a credit score above 720. Applicants will need to be able to pre-qualify for a mortgage.
LOCAL: 1 point will be given to applicants who are current Reno/Sparks residents.
JOB: 1 point will be given to applicants who currently have a job in the vicinity (can be current Reno/Sparks residents, or residents of a nearby community looking to locate closer to their job).
DISPLACEMENT: ½ a point will be given to applicants who are currently at risk of displacement through no fault of their own.
1st TIME HOMEBUYER: 1 point will be given to applicants who have not owned any real estate in the last three years.




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