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Thank You

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This Thanksgiving while you connect with family and friends, when you count your blessings and focus on gratitude, light a warm feeling within yourself by helping someone else.

Here are five ways to engage with the Community Foundation and make a big difference to a person, an animal, or to our community.

1. Giving Tuesday comes right after Turkey Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday on November 27th.  Find a cause that moves you and make a contribution on this global giving day.

Take a walk through the Community Foundation’s Nonprofit Connections to see local nonprofit organization’s highest funding priorities.

Community Foundation fundholders, call your Stewardship Team representative, Lauren Renda or Lyndsey Crossley at 775-333-5499 for grant assistance or recommend a grant online through nevadafund.org.

2. Paradise Camp Fire relief organizations need support.  Learn how you can lend a hand at Ways to Help Survivors of the Paradise Fire

3. Help Open Housing Doors in Reno. Donate to the Community Housing Land Trust and help us open 200 doors for people with low-incomes at the Village on Sage Street.

4. Spread the word about the Village on Sage Street Residence Application Waiting List. 138  people are now on the list.  Help someone in need sign up today.

5. Do you know a caregiver? Give them a break and the gift of your friendship. Point them to the Caregiver Support Initiative’s resources on www.washoecaregiver.org or stop by and pick up a Caregiver Guidebook to bring to them.


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