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Board Trustee Bonnie Read Advocates for Caregivers

The Community Foundation board members contribute time, treasure, and skills to help advance our mission and strengthen the community. We love it when they introduce the Community Foundation to their friends and connect us to the larger community. Going far beyond a basic “elevator speech” introduction, Bonnie Read's open heart makes her a relatable spokesperson for Community Foundation Caregiver Support Initiative outreach. She is willing to tell her personal caregiver stories with a warm smile and joyfully encourages her family to join in the interviews and photo sessions. Bonnie Read serves as a Community Foundation Trustee and is a member of the Community Engagement Committee and the Caregiver Support Initiative.


She writes, "I appreciate the opportunity to work with everyone involved in the Caregiver Support Initiative Steering Committee. Instantly, I realized I did not know as much about navigating the system as I should. I learn something new from every dialogue. We are all caregivers at some point. Through the guidebook and website, assistance has been given to thousands; I am convinced of that."


Bonnie's Dad, Royce Read, says Bonnie has been a caregiver all her life. When she was just four years old, she helped motivate her 6-year-old brother to comply with the difficult tasks of managing his diabetes. While he rebelled against his parents' admonishments, Bonnie could get through to him. 


[caption id="attachment_8531" align="alignleft" width="300"] Bonnie Read and her mother, Jackie Read[/caption]

Bonnie moved to Sparks in 2012 to care for her mother, Jackie Read, and to work at the family business – Duraflex International. Bonnie's grandfather was Raymond C. Rude, the designer and manufacturer of the modern diving board and Duraflex International founder. You may have seen photos of Bonnie and her mom in the Washoe Caregiver Guidebook. Though Jackie was ill and frail when the photographs were taken, the bond between Bonnie and her mother is unmistakable. They both were enthusiastic in their agreement to help publicize the mostly unrecognized needs of family caregivers. 


[caption id="attachment_16881" align="alignleft" width="225"] Royce and Bonnie Read[/caption]

Royce was planning to continue his active social life at an assisted living center in Sparks. In October, to combat quarantine isolation and increase his safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, he agreed to move in with his daughter. Though he initially worried about burdening his daughter, their relationship has grown closer and he appreciates her care.


Bonnie shares her love of her family and community with her interest in diving. The Raymond C. Rude funds at the Community Foundation support the sport of diving in the USA and around the world. She did not compete in diving competitions but says she leaps off the boards every chance she gets.


Not everybody is comfortable sharing their family caregiving journey. We are grateful to Bonnie and her parents for telling their story. By doing so, they shine a light on the challenges and benefits of family caregiving and illuminate the Community Foundation Caregiver Support Initiative - helping hundreds of Northern Nevada families.  

Bonnie and Royce Read were featured on Aging and Awesome.

March 6 on KTVN.

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