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Village on Sage Street Construction Timeline and Photos

The Community Housing Land Trust's first project, The Village on Sage Street is proceeding rapidly.

Delivery of the first load of modules is scheduled for the week of September 1.  It will entail nine trucks and six trips from Wyoming - 54 truckloads in all to deliver all the prefab buildings for the complex. By the time the trucks roll up to the property on Sage Street, the grading will be completed, utilities stubbed, foundations set and awaiting the first building, and the sound wall constructed along the perimeter by the railroad. Layout1 I’m most pleased to share some conceptual drawings and plans for the project.  I am very proud of our community. The City of Reno and more than a dozen Construction and Engineering companies,  generous donors and regulatory agencies, have come together to give their time and money, to provide affordable, bridge housing for more than 200 of our low-income residents.  This housing project is named  "Village on Sage Street.   exterior corner-dorm   I took these photos in April when we inspected the module buildings on site in Wyoming.     treadmills-gym     In addition to spacious offices, community lounges, dining room and a commercial kitchen the dorms will arrive with a gym and equipment.    
Each private dorm room has a large window, closet, and comes furnished with a  desk, chair, and flat screen TV installed on the wall. Everyone involved wants this to be a beautiful place to live and an enhancement to the community that we can point to with pride. If you can help, or know of someone we should meet with who may help, let me know. Chris Askin, President, and CEO  775-333-5499 Connecting people who care with causes that matter