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TMCC Student Receives Three Scholarships from Community Foundation Funds

Xena Delgado Almada is an enterprising young woman. As a high achieving student at Sparks High School, she applied for and was awarded the Eugene and Nadine Stegelmeyer Scholarship to help her attend TMCC in 2015. This year we heard from her as she is fast tracking through her classes. A standout among our applicants, Xena is taking 15 credits or more each semester as well as summer school classes and work study to graduate a semester early. Her plan is to enroll at UNR in the spring of 2017, eventually earn a PhD, and become a university professor. A first-generation college student and the oldest of triplets, she was inspired by her single mother. Xena’s mother came to the US to provide an opportunity for her children. She worked as a Walmart stacker for over a decade. While financing tuition for three is daunting, she encourages her triplets to reach for and achieve their individual goals. Xena has a great sense of humor that shines through the applications. She sent a thank you letter to the Stegelmeyer selection committee full of children's book references like the one below.
“Thank you for awarding me the Eugene and Nadine Stegelmeyer Scholarship. Now I know how Charlie felt when he was awarded the famous Chocolate Factory. “
Xena looked through the scholarships funds listed on our website, and applied to two in February. Xena was awarded scholarships by the Robert and Judy Dreiling Scholarship Fund and the Ron & Linda Smith Scholarship Fund. Both of these scholarship funds support students enrolled in an Associate’s Degree or Certificate track at a private trade school or community college. Xena sets an example that Lauren Renda, Community Foundation Program Associate feels should be followed as often as possible. Lauren says, "There is no reason to stop at one application. Apply for all the scholarships you feel are a good fit." The Community Foundation is holding our annual Scholarship Social on July 31. Students and their families, scholarship fund selection committees and donors, and Community Foundation Staff gather to celebrate the achievements of the year's scholarship winners. We wish them well on their academic journey and hope that someday they will be in the position to pass the scholarship forward!