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Marilyn York Proposal Goals for Working Group

4/14/14 As I promised at today's meeting, in trying to follow the evidence based practices that we are learning about as an interested group in our Friday morning meetings at the community foundation as explained to us by Dr. Bob Quilitch and Professor Jennifer McClendon of UNR, here are what I believe we talked about as our intended group mission statements and goals in order of importance to ponder for our next two meetings:
  1. Goal: To permanently reduce our local homeless youth population by a statistically significant measure;
As we work towards our goal, we will attempt to do it in these ways:
  1. Working collaboratively as a community and system of care to share ideas, monies, clients, services, programming and information;
  2. Educate ourselves, our donors and our local service providers on evidence-based practice(s);
  3. Obtain and sustain government and private funding.
I am hoping to discuss these mission statements at our next few meetings to tighten them up to be sure that these are specific enough to measure the outcome of our efforts and successes in meeting these goals as we continue to meet.  If we are going to learn about evidence based practice and practices, we all agree that we should start by following the model within our weekly meetings as best as we can.