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Community Foundation Week

Former President George H.W. Bush first recognized November 12 -19 as National Community Foundation Week in 1989.

It is a week to call attention to community foundations throughout America and their collaborative and innovative approach to working with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Annually, Community Foundation Week coincides with National Philanthropy Day on November 15, 2020, highlighting the role charitable giving plays in our society and celebrating the outpouring of generosity evident every year during the holidays.

For more than a century, community foundations have served as a trusted partner and resource to donors.

We see their impact in the lives of millions of people and in the vibrant neighborhoods that continue to thrive through community foundation mission-driven work. I am proud of the generous people in Northern Nevada and the impact they have made. We celebrate the donors and their philanthropy, the professional advisors and corporations who have made giving back to the community a part of their business, and the charities who perform the magic with the support they receive.

I am in awe of the leadership and giving that has helped the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, your community foundation, to have grown in 22 short years since we were founded, to become the 146th largest and one of the most impactful out of 850 community foundations nationwide.

Your dedication and all of the hard work and gifts by thousands of people are a celebration unto itself. The Community Foundation strives to engage people from northern Nevada communities large and small, urban and rural. It is our collective work that creates the most profound impact. This has been a challenging year, but northern Nevadans have responded with kindness and courage.

As the end of the year approaches, know that many donors are working on substantial year-end giving that will grow the impact of philanthropy in our region.

Please join me in celebrating philanthropy and everyone who contributes, volunteers, and works together to make a difference in meaningful ways. Are you considering making the most of the philanthropy by giving through the Community Foundation? Give me a call and we can discuss ways to achieve the charitable goals that will bring you great satisfaction, maximize your tax savings, and make a real difference to the people in our community.

Chris Askin, President/CEO 775-333-5499 Connecting people who care with causes that matter