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Community Foundation has a Bright Future

Thank you northern Nevada for embracing the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. Thank you for the privilege of connecting you, the people who care, with causes that matter to you. 2016 was an outstanding year for philanthropy. With the launch of the Caregiver Support Initiative, the Community Foundation has reached a new, and stronger stride. At 19 years old, we have granted more than $100 million and are stewarding assets of almost $93 million. These are big numbers, but they are just numbers. The real story is the thousands of grants and scholarships, the hundreds of meetings and projects, and the countless hours spent with people working to make our region a better place for current and future generations. At a meeting earlier this week, I had the honor to spend time with our Board chairs. Jim Webster, Jennifer Satre, Norma Webster, Linda Smith, Tom Hall and current Chair, Jim Pfrommer. Their gifts and commitment, the time and care with which they built this Commumnity Foundation are humbling. It is no wonder we have become a trusted leader and resource. In 2016 we realized many accomplishments, not the least of which were additions to our Board leadership and staff. Throughout the year we worked to adopt a five-year strategic plan that is based on the community's expectations and hopes for the Community Foundation. The staff and Board spent the last six months of the year focused on new strategies and tactics.  We have never had such a strong team, with a such a clear focus and ambitious goals. The Community Foundation is YOUR foundation. More that ever, we are reaching out and connecting with the community at-large. We believe in our collective ability to bring transformative change to the region, through philanthropy and leadership. Thank you for your support and engagement. Please give me a call so we can help you connect with the causes that matter to you, in a way that is effective, meaningful and impactful. Chris Askin, President, and CEO 775-762-1932