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Briefly: Corporate Philanthropy Takes a Front Row Seat at Raley's

By Becca Whitman Raley's Community Relations Manager Philanthropy has been a cornerstone at Raley's since the very beginning. In looking at Raley's corporate giving today, it is clear that the organization's mindset has not shifted. In 2018, Raley's granted more than $9.5 million through community giving initiatives. Divided into various giving platforms, Raley's corporate philanthropy focuses on uplifting communities in health, wellness, and happiness. Through initiatives such as Purposeful Giving, Food Rescue, FFA, and 4H support, Extra Credit Grants, Crisis Response and employee giving programs, Raley's engages in a wide range of corporate philanthropy to make the biggest impact. A company with a footprint that spreads through Northern California and Western Nevada, Raley's strives to spend their corporate philanthropic funds equally throughout all communities. Supporting individualized initiatives in Nevada such as the Nevada Area Council Boy Scouts of America and the Truckee River Watershed Council offers this equalization of funding. The Extra Credit Grant Program is notable in the Nevada footprint and stands out among many others. Raley's Wellness Education grants promote nutrition education, wellness, and food literacy while creating the next generation of healthy eaters. In 2018, Raley's granted $700,000 to K-12 accredited schools through the Extra Credit Grants program. This funding was used in schools to ensure health and wellness played a key role in students' lives. Along with this initiative, Raley's also works closely with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada to bring fresh and healthy food to those who need it most. Raley's Food For Families started in 1986, is a non-profit is geared entirely towards this mission. Food For Families is operated through Raley's which means all administrative costs are covered by the corporation. Because of this, 100% of the Food For Families donations stay local to the communities in which they were made. Through their partnership with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, Food For Families is able to support school backpack programs, holiday food drives, school food pantries, and many other impactful nutrition initiatives in Nevada. Raley's Food For Families donated over $1 million and over 3.7 nutritious meals have in 2018. Raley's has always had a passion for bettering the lives of their customers. With this passion as their motivation, Raley's has partnered with the Community Foundation of Western Nevada as the expert in "connecting people who care with causes that matter." With this partnership, Raley's has ensured that their community investments are being used towards the right efforts: Village on Sage Street, senior care initiatives and helping homeless youth. Together, the Community Foundation of Western Nevada and Raley's are taking steps towards safer, more engaged, and more prosperous communities in Nevada. A mutually beneficial relationship for the two organizations, Raley's and the Community Foundation of Western Nevada will continue to work alongside one another in building happier and healthier communities.