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Tonopah Library Endowment

Scholarships, energy costs reduction projects, and enhancements for the town, the Tonopah library and the Historic Mining Museum will be funded in perpetuity through booms and busts.

The Town of Tonopah Community Fund was seeded with a gift from Solar Reserve, a California based power production company with a market-leading solar energy technology that can deliver power whenever it is needed. The Tonopah Community Fund will be used “not as a rainy day fund” but for projects that look to the future by lowering energy costs, infrastructure enhancements and scholarships for the town’s young people.

Once the Community Fund was in place at the Community Foundation, the leaders of Tonopah realized the best time to plan for the future is now.

With a bequest of $181,000 from the Elenor Gavrilovich Family Trust, an endowment for the Tonopah Library was created.

Lastly, residents of Tonopah are working on establishing a foundation to support the Historic Mining Museum.

The Tonopah Community Fund is a charitable pocket that Tonopah residents and former residents can feel good about.

Decisions about how to use the money in the Community Fund are left up to the people in Tonopah. The Community Foundation takes care of the back office work; helping with research, investment expertise and administrative tasks that keep the fund growing for the next generation.