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Inspired by the Phil and Jennifer Satre Harrahs’ Employee Scholarship, which grants scholarships to children of the nation-wide Harrah’s Corporation, this scholarship, set up through the Community Foundation is the dream of Claudine Williams, former owner of the Holiday Casino in Las Vegas.


  Shelby and I opened the Holiday Casino 
in 1973. We were 
confident that if we took care of our employees, they would do a great job taking care of our customers. Because of the hard work of so many dedicated employees we had a very successful casino. In 1983, I sold the Holiday to Harrah’s. Over the years, as I’ve watch the many changes at Harrah’s Las Vegas I can feel  the same exciting casino environment and commitment to service that was there when I ran the Holiday Casino.

I am establishing this scholarship to help the Harrah’s Las Vegas employees afford a quality education for their children. I know what it means to work hard… I realize how hard you may be working to afford a college education for your children. This is my way of saying thank you to the Harrah’s Las Vegas employees for keeping the tradition of great service alive and ensuring a better future for your family.