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Claudine Williams Harrahs LV Employee Scholarship

This scholarship, set up through the Community Foundation is the dream of Claudine Williams, former owner of the Holiday Casino in Las Vegas.

The deadline to apply via the online application is March 1.

You are eligible to apply for the Claudine Williams Harrah’s Employee Scholarship if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • your parent or legal guardian has been a full-time employee of the original Harrah’s Las Vegas property for three (3) consecutive years at grade L14 or below (including all H and S grades
  • your parent or guardian continues to be employed by Caesars Entertainment either at Harrah’s Las Vegas or another Caesar’s property for three consecutive years on the date the application is submitted
  • your family income shows a need for tuition assistance
  • you are a high school senior or college student with a minimum cumulative unweighted 2.75 GPA
  • you have a minimum 1200 SAT or 20 ACT score
  • you agree to maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average and provide a copy of your unofficial transcripts at the end of each semester you are receiving a scholarship for review prior to annual scholarship renewal

Along with this application, you’ll be required to attach:

  • your school transcripts
  • your ACT and/or SAT report(s)
  • a one-page essay that tells the Committee something about yourself that is not revealed in your application, why you chose your school, and tells us about your career goals. *Note: Essays longer than one page will not be considered

Awards may be single- or multi-year; single-year awards have the potential to be renewable with reapplication.

Claudine Williams


Inspired by the Phil and Jennifer Satre Harrahs’ Employee Scholarship, which grants scholarships to children of the nation-wide Harrah’s Corporation, this scholarship, set up through the Community Foundation is the dream of Claudine Williams, former owner of the Holiday Casino in Las Vegas.

Shelby and I opened the Holiday Casino in 1973. We were confident that if we took care of our employees, they would do a great job taking care of our customers. Because of the hard work of so many dedicated employees we had a very successful casino. In 1983, I sold the Holiday to Harrah’s. Over the years, as I’ve watched the many changes at Harrah’s Las Vegas I can feel the same exciting casino environment and commitment to service that was there when I ran the Holiday Casino.

I am establishing this scholarship to help the Harrah’s Las Vegas employees afford a quality education for their children. I know what it means to work hard… I realize how hard you may be working to afford a college education for your children. This is my way of saying thank you to the Harrah’s Las Vegas employees for keeping the tradition of great service alive and ensuring a better future for your family.