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Village on Sage Street Progress Update

As my last update about the Village on Sage Street was posted on July 28, I am excited to report our progress. The Village on Sage Street will be a community of 200 people with income between $1300 and $2500 per month. Dorm-style rooms will rent for $400   The Village is shaping up to be a real community with a community kitchen, a gathering room and landscaped grounds with welcoming shared spaces.  The City of Reno made the land available and Volunteers of America will operate the housing community. The Community Foundation is the hub for the construction, development, community contributions and fundraising. In the last seven weeks:
  • The sound wall near the railroad tracks was completed.
  • The grading is finished.
  • 90% of the modular housing facilities have been delivered from Wyoming.
  • The modular buildings have been placed on their foundation and assembly is underway.
  • The lease-purchase agreement for the property with the City of Reno has been completed.
  • The Volunteers of America website is live, and a rental application waiting list is started.
  • More than 40 people have signed up on the waiting list.
  • We have received an additional $375,000.
View Construction Site Photos I am amazed at the progress in less than two months! There is, of course, a tremendous amount of work still to be done.  The utilities, landscaping, walkways, painting, fencing, ADA bathroom renovations, fire and sprinkler systems, architectural and art elements need to be completed.  At this time it looks like a basic construction site, but when it is ready for occupancy, it will be beautiful. Help spread the word so people who need to can get on the resident application waiting list. We need to raise another $2million to finish the Village on Sage Street. Can you help create a home for 200 people in our community who are working full-time and living in their cars,  "couch surfing," or the seniors living in weekly motels worried that the rent will raise at the end of the year?  You have a chance to make a big difference, right here, for a sizable number of people. Please call me to discuss ways you can help, 775-333-5499. The Village on Sage Street is a community for people with low-income who need housing. It is being built by a community of compassionate donors, private businesses, and nonprofit organizations. We need your support to open 200 doors at the Village on Sage Street before the snow flies. Chris Askin, President & CEO Connecting people who care with causes that matter.