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Wider Variety of Gifting Options with a Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund

Many trees in forest represent benefits and choices with a Community Foundation donor advised fund.

When people are looking for a Donor Advised Fund, they often focus on a single tree rather than the forest.  When you look closer at Community Foundation of Northern Nevada Donor Advised Funds ("DAF's), you can choose from a forest of options to reach your goals. I'll give you one example.

A professional advisor recently contacted me on behalf of their client.  Their client lives in Nevada but has family in California and formerly resided along the California coast.  The donor has accrued significant assets, including inherited property assets with almost no basis.  When they wanted to sell one of the properties, they faced a 38% tax hit due to both federal and California capital gains upon the sale.  Once you add in the real estate transactional expenses, the client will end up with just 55% of the asset upon its sale.  Fortunately, if the property is gifted to a charity, the client/donor ends up with about 93% of the asset in their charitable donor advised fund at the Community Foundation.

Donor advised funds at a commercial institution accept stock, not real property, as the funding donation, limiting their clients' ability to gift the best assets for their personal financial and estate planning considerations.

A Community Foundation donor secures more tax benefits.  

And we do all of the legwork. We can set up a personalized donor advised fund in a couple of easy, short appointments, followed by a tax receipt and an orientation to our concierge philanthropic advising services.  We find that donors who choose to create a donor advised fund at the Community Foundation make a wide variety of gifts to "fund" their DAF, including personal property, notes receivable, and most any other type of asset.  We have lots of trees!

What sets a Community Foundation donor advised fund apart from one at a commercial, for-profit institution is the benefit that extends to our community through our initiatives and leadership work.  Community Foundation fundholders have increased our capacity for addressing challenging issues that help improve the quality of life for hundreds if not thousands of residents.

Every Community Foundation fund, every gift, has a value-added to the community, in addition to the donors' charitable and financial goals.

Think of a thriving, growing forest when you think of the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada. You have a choice of gift options to benefit your financial situation and charitable goals and provide significant community benefit by establishing your DAF with us.

Please give me a call to learn more about why so many of your colleagues and neighbors recommend and have established their donor advised fund with the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada.

Chris Askin, President/CEO
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