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A Warm Farewell as Margaret Stewart Retires after 21 Years

Margaret Stewart, Communications Director

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By Chris Askin CSPG, CFRE, President & CEO

When an organization is fortunate enough to have a passionate, talented and dedicated member of its team working to help our community for more than two decades, it’s only natural for such a person to personify that organization.

Margaret Stewart is an embodiment of the values, the commitment and service of the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada. As she retires next week from her role as Director of Communications, her hard work, her dedication and her caring spirit have earned her the respect and appreciation of our donors and fundholders, community partners, media, local charities, and countless colleagues, friends and admirers.

I’ve had the great honor and pleasure of working with Margaret since I hired her nearly 21 years ago after we worked together at the YMCA of the Sierra.

Back then, the Community Foundation was in its infancy and for the first several years Margaret was one-half time, and not only was responsible for our initial marketing messages, website, and communications, but also handles our grant programs and fundholder stewardship work.

Margaret has been a cornerstone, a rock – and a rock star – in fulfilling our mission throughout her incredible career with us.

As the Foundation grew Margaret was out-in-front, developing the messages, printed and digital resources, and key communication relationships that enabled the Foundation to flourish.

I am so appreciative of Margaret for her extraordinary work, day after day, year after year, that has been invaluable to the Foundation’s becoming the thriving, vital community resource it is today.

The Community Foundation is known for “Connecting People Who Care with Causes that Matter,” and Margaret has been a cornerstone, a rock – and a rock star – in fulfilling our mission throughout her incredible career with us.

Margaret has been a cornerstone, a rock – and a rock star – in fulfilling our mission throughout her incredible career with the Community Foundation.

On a personal note, Margaret is a friend; I knew that her big heart and deep love for our community, combined with her skills and passion to make a difference, would make her a perfect partner in helping us bring the founder’s vision of an impactful community foundation to our community. Things could not have worked out better.

Margaret, we will miss you more than you know, and we look forward to your ongoing work with the Caregiver Support Committee.

Well done! All the best and thank you!

– Chris and the Community Foundation Team

A Note from Margaret

Working with the Community Foundation is a life-changing experience. I am lucky to have learned from and nurtured friendships with co-workers, board members, volunteers, fundholders, and nonprofit colleagues.

The relationships we build and opportunities for generous actions become the reason we love what we do. How rare and precious is a place like this?  The inspiration we receive from your creative energy and kindness when connected through the Community Foundation – cannot be overstated.

Some of the most memorable projects and meaningful grants have grown around the table with people open to a “wild idea.”

I love our mission statement, “Connecting people who care with causes that matter.” I thrived alongside caring people, and I know my work at the Community Foundation mattered.

In the early days, we modeled ourselves after established community foundations in different parts of the country. But Northern Nevadans, being who we are, over time, built this singular Community Foundation. We consciously set out to evolve year by year, reflecting our caring, connectivity, and engagement values.

Introspection, when followed by evaluation and determined action, is challenging. Though difficult, sharing our goal and effort lifts our spirits, and the willingness of people to join in - energizes me. It is a joy to strive alongside those who are openly passionate and generous.

Truly change is not easy, but I am evolving too. I am looking out a wide-open window at dreamed about plans, more personal time, and new ways to help our community.

I know Communications and Marketing is in good hands with my successor, David Stipech.

I am forever grateful for our community, this career, and you.

– Margaret