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Scholarship Social is a Sweet Celebration of Generosity and Achievement

 "Being a recipient for this scholarship means so much to me. It has helped me realize that my future plans and goals are not just hopeful dreams. They are actual, doable plans. Apart from that, I know that I have support from you, and I cannot let anyone of you down. I will absolutely use this scholarship to the best of my ability, and when I reach my goal of becoming an oncologist. You have given me much hope and confidence for the future. Thank you very much. "
[caption id="attachment_10177" align="alignleft" width="150"] Lauren Renda,
Program Officer[/caption] Christian Jara wrote this thank you note to the Scholarship Selection Committee in 2015 after receiving the Phil and Jennifer Satre Scholarship. Now, four years later, he received the Satre Medical Education Scholarship to attend Medical School at UNR and will be the keynote student speaker at the Scholarship Social on July 28. Christian is well on his way to achieving his goal of healing people in Nevada. This scholarship season, the Community Foundation awarded 170 scholarship to students totaling $457,075. Generous fundholders are making the difference for ambitious young students, re-entry adults, and even a creative and ready-to-read preschooler. More students are graduating from college because of a financial boost and sincere encouragement through scholarships. These students are going on to become engineers, physicians, attorneys, teachers, business people, and artists, and are contributing significantly to our community The annual Scholarship Social is a labor of love and the culmination of the year's scholarship efforts. Beginning in January, I devote substantial hours reaching out to students, collecting applications, transcripts, and essays, organizing committee meetings, calming anxious parents, and working with colleges and universities throughout the United States, and sometimes abroad! Before the students head to school, the Community Foundation offers an opportunity to gather and celebrate their accomplishments and our fundholders' faith in their brighter future. At the Scholarship Social students, fundholders, and members of the Scholarship Selection Committees have an opportunity to get to know each other over root beer floats or sundaes and celebrate their accomplishments. It is an impactful event for everybody. Sitting next to each other at the table, fundholders and students tell their stories and discuss their hopes and goals. Connecting face to face makes the scope of the gift clear. Time together helps fundholders understand the significance of their contribution to the student's life and the lives of their families. Meeting and having the opportunity to say thanks gives students confidence and knowledge people believe they will succeed. As the students are called to be recognized, they receive their certificates to energetic applause and cheers. When the afternoon wanes, when the ice cream is eaten, and the photos have been taken, the room may look empty, but hearts are filled with joy. Are you considering creating a scholarship? Do you want to personally connect with your philanthropy and change our community for the better? Call me at 775-333-5499. We have a place at the table just for you. Lauren Renda, Program Officer

Photo above: Christian Nemeth is congratulated by Allen Bain for winning the 2019 Bain Initiative is Science and Math at the 2018 Scholarship Social.