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Read With Me Preschool Scholarship Offers Full Year of Tuition

  The Community Foundation of Western Nevada offers this unique opportunity for very young children. Parents and legal guardians are eligible to apply for a scholarship for children who are 2.5-5 years of age by September 30 of the year in which you apply. Priority will be given to children who show an aptitude for reading skills, families with economic need, and children who have family support for reading. The family must be able to transport scholarship recipients to an academically qualified preschool. A list of pre-approved preschools is available from the Community Foundation. Apply online.

Robin Ballantyne established the Read with Me ScholarshipRobin Ballantyne MD was a physician, writer, poet, lover of reason and life, and champion of human potential.

A man of many and varied interests, Robin’s abiding passion was the love of learning and intellectual growth. He believed young children have unlimited potential that is not nurtured by today’s television society and education system. To do what he could to promote childhood development, Robin established the Read with Me Foundation at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.  Through this foundation, Robin pays the tuition to academic pre-schools for bright youngsters from families with financial need. Robin Ballantyne left his Reno home and other property as a bequest in his estate to endow the Read with Me Foundation, creating his unending legacy and improving the lives of young children in Reno for generations to come. Through his generous gifts, one man acting on his best nature changed the world for the better.