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Norma Webster, Community Foundation Past Chair honored in Nevada Women's Fund Hall of Fame

The Nevada Women’s Fund named Norma Webster into their Hall of Fame at the 2017 Salute to Women of Achievement.  The event web page succinctly describes Norma as, “Recognized as a businesswoman, community volunteer, and generous philanthropist, Norma Webster is the 2017 Hall of Fame honoree.  Her leadership has resulted in significant community programs serving thousands of residents, and innovative programs that support women and girls globally.” Norma is one of the most accomplished, dedicated, hardworking, intelligent, passionate, generous, and thoughtful people I know.  As Board Chair of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, Norma’s leadership led to the expansion of the Community Foundation core mission to include initiatives.  Simply put, the day that the Webster’s got involved with the Community Foundation and Norma joined our Board about 14 years ago, I knew the Community Foundation was going places.  How can I express enough appreciation for Norma who embraces the Community Foundation and gives us so much of herself?  I cannot relay the extent that Norma’s gifts of time, talent, and treasure has transformed the Community Foundation.  I know that her work with us is multiplying our impact ten-fold, hundred-fold, and over time, a thousand-fold.

In the nomination statement to the Nevada Women’s Fund, it was my great honor to capture some of what Norma has done for the Community Foundation, and for the community.

I will share two items from the nomination.  You may know that I am primarily businessman who has a passion for charity, and as such, I like to run an efficient operation. Norma's influence in the efficient management of the Community Foundation made a lasting impression. “At Community Foundations in addition to measuring our impact in the community, we measure our internal efficiency.  Community foundations typically measure internal efficiency by the ratio of operating expenses to assets, with most foundations averaging in the 1.2% to 2% range.  When Norma took office as Board Chair our ratio was 1.4%, which was quite respectable, but by growing the Community Foundation assets while controlling expenses, Norma helped us improve our ratio to .9%, an amazing accomplishment.” Equally important, I delight in Norma's enthusiastic advocacy for innovative and life-changing work which continues long after her stint on the Community Foundation Board ended. "Norma’s work will perhaps never be done.  She continues to challenge the Community Foundation to step up and do important work that will improve the lives of residents of people in the community.  Most recently, she asked the Community Foundation to collaborate with the Nevada Women’s Fund Giving Circle to help launch an innovative micro-lending program that will help women with personal and business goals.  Projects like these are complicated, but because Norma is championing this one, you know there is a way to make it happen. How can I say no?” Please join me in recognizing and thanking Norma Webster as she joins a very esteemed group in the Nevada Women's Fund Hall of Fame. At the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, we connect people, like you, who care, with causes that matter.  Chris Askin, President, and CEO.  775-762-1932