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Contributing to the Community Endowment is Powerful Giving


The Community Endowment has reached more than $4.7 million.

Since 2017 it has generated annual grants totaling more than $115,000. These numbers are newsworthy. But the real story is that the Community Endowment balance represents just the emerging fund; it will continue to grow and support our community for years to come.  The volunteer Community Fund Advisory Committee met in December to determine which nonprofits to ask to submit full grant proposals for the 2021 annual grants. They have the task of allocating the 2021 granting budget of more than $120,000, generated from the Community Endowment Fund invested earnings. As the Endowment grows through donations and investment earnings, the annual grant budget grows accordingly. This year they will distribute grants to organizations to Northern Nevada nonprofits addressing domestic violence and mental health issues in our region. The 2022 focus will be recommended by the Community Foundation Stewardship Committee and will be approved by the  Board of Trustees.

Community Foundation donors have let us know that at least $10.5 million in bequest arrangements will support the Community Endowment in the future. These are powerful gifts.

One compelling benefit of a Community Endowment is that everyone can contribute, and every contribution will last and grow forever. You can give powerfully by leaving a gift to the Community Endowment in your will or trust. Even a modest percentage of your total estate is significant. Think about your current charitable giving; 5% of your estate may be the largest charitable gift you have made! That 5% will grow and earn and generate grants to meet each year's current needs – year after year, for generations.  Click here for bequest language. 

We are overwhelmed with gratitude to the first donors to the Community Endowment. They are the optimists who know the fertile ground of their vision, and their generosity will encourage more gifts.

More people contributing to our community's future will help to grow a culture of neighborhood philanthropy. They envisioned the Community Endowment as a fund for all of us to nurture and to build. It is a way to join together as a community. Every gift is meaningful, and everybody is encouraged to contribute.

For more details about the Community Fund, including the Fund Advisory Committee's roster and projected annual grant amounts, visit or call Lyndsey Crossley, Philanthropic Advisor, at 775-333-5499.