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Activities to Ease Stress November 2020 Update

Caregiver Support Initiative Email Discussion Group  

The Caregiver Support Initiative Email Discussion Group is a virtual forum for family caregivers to connect with caregivers to start a discussion, ask questions, and give advice on caregiving-related topics. Below are some stories family caregivers have shared: 

Topic: What types of activities do you do when caregiving stresses you out?

"For me, anything that involves a little fresh air. When I can grab a few moments, a walk around the block with my dog, or hopping on my bike. When I'm able to get away for longer (rarely!) skiing in winter or hiking in summer. Doing these things makes me feel a little more like myself again when I'm usually so wrapped up in someone else's life."

"In case of an emergency break is needed. I have the ability to hide in the bathroom or garage for 15-20 minutes and cry/scream/breath for the first couple minutes then I search for short videos of wide non-serious topics variety to reset myself.

When this stops working - I try to arrange 4 hours of alone time to do anything I want for ME from vegging out watching Netflix, meditation, or decluttering my space/closets."  

 Read other stories and share your caregiving experiences by joining the email discussion group. There is no cost to become a member. Sign up at or call 775-333-5499. 

Self-Care for the Caregiver

Set realistic goals: Do not set yourself up for failure. Know your limits and set goals that are obtainable and will make you feel good. Remember to give yourself credit for achieving these goals.

For more self-care tips, please refer to your Washoe Caregivers Guidebook or visit our website,  

Caregiver Recognition Virtual Event 

The Community Foundation's Luiza Benisano attended this year's annual Caregiver Recognition Virtual Event. The Caregiver Recognition Event is held every year by the Nevada Caregivers Coalition. Big congratulations to the recipient of this year's Caregiver of the Year award, Cheryl Dinnell! 

To learn more about the Nevada Caregivers Coalition, visit

Happy National Family Caregivers Month! 

November is National Family Caregivers Month! For all the family caregivers out there, we want to commend you and thank you for all that you do!