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Your gift of a lifetime


The Community Foundation helps us make sure the communities we love will have resources to meet future demands. – Ann and Kevin Melcher, Legacy Society members and supporters of the Community Endowment and the Community Foundation of Elko County


Creating your Legacy fund can be as simple as including a bequest to the Community Foundation in your will or trust. Let us know about it and we will set up a Legacy Fund to make sure that your gift benefits exactly where you want it to – when you want it to. After your contribution is received, we can send out an annual grant from your Fund’s name so your favorite charity receives regular gifts. Or you may want your fund to benefit a specific cause, in that case, our philanthropic advisors do the research and send out grants to charities that make the most impact,

We go all out to honor your wishes, exactly as you intend, forever.

Download the sample bequest language to take to your attorney. Also, our Wills Guide will help you save valuable time before your appointment with your attorney.

When you decide upon a bequest, don’t keep it a secret – but we will if you want. 


Contact Lyndsey Crossley, Program Officer, at 775-333-5499.
Please let us know about your plans. Give us a chance to say thanks and ask you a few questions so we can make sure to honor your gift and make grants exactly as you intend. We will keep your plans confidential if you request.


When you join the Legacy Society you receive:

  • The opportunity to attend Community  Foundation events and other exclusive philanthropic learning opportunities.
  • Access to Community Foundation resources, publications, experts, and our knowledge-base of nonprofits in the northern Nevada region
  • Flexibility to make changes at no cost to your planned gift beneficiaries as your desires evolve.
  • If your documented planned gift is greater than $1 million, you have access to our highest level of personalized and family philanthropy services.

The minimum amount to create your own Legacy Fund is $25,000.

We welcome bequest gifts of any amount to any Community Foundation established fund or for general support.

Fund Investment Options

At the time that you establish your Legacy Fund, you may choose how it is invested. Long-term investments work well for an endowed fund. The earnings generated are granted to your designated charities or causes each year. Short term investments may be practical for a fund that will be granted out in a matter a year or a few years. You may also choose to invest a portion of your fund assets in our Impact Investment Fund.


Once the Community Foundation receives your estate gift your Legacy Fund shall be charged an administrative fee ranging between .05% to 1.5% annually of the average daily balance of the fund. The administrative fees will be reduced or adjusted, should the Fund exceed $1 million or other thresholds per the Fee and Fund Policy. Fees are calculated on the daily average fund balance for the most recent month and paid monthly by automatic deduction from the Fund balance.

Legacy Gifts may be carefully planned to save your heir’s estate taxes, and in some cases to generate income for beneficiaries.

Talk with your advisor and Chris Askin, CEO at 775-333-5499 to discuss ways a Legacy gift will work for you and your loved ones. Giving to your favorite causes through your estate can be done directly or through a gift model that can provide tax benefits and even income. Click on a gift model below to learn more, then give us a call.

Bequest: You designate the Community Foundation as the beneficiary of your asset by will trust, or beneficiary designation form. Your bequest can benefit the Community Foundation Endowment or any charitable cause, or charitable organization you choose.

IRA Rollover: Congress has enacted a permanent IRA charitable rollover. As a result, you can make an IRA rollover gift this year and in future years.

Beneficiary Designation Gifts: You can designate the Community Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement, investment, or bank account, or your life insurance policy.

Charitable Gift Annuity: You can transfer your cash or appreciated property to our organization in exchange for our agreement to pay you fixed payments (with rates based on your age) for the rest of your life.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust: You transfer your cash or appreciated property to fund a charitable remainder annuity trust. The trust sells your property tax-free and provides you with fixed income for life or a term of years.

Charitable Lead Trust: You fund a trust that makes gifts to us for a number of years. Your family receives the trust remainder at substantial tax savings.

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Read our 8-page handout online or call and we will mail you a copy.

Will your loved ones and future generations know about you, or will they only know about the material things you leave behind? You have much more to give your heirs than just your money.