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What matters to you most? We can help make it happen.

When you work with our relationship managers, you are offered expert philanthropic solutions that will give you the control, the flexibility, and the impact you are looking for. Our relationship managers take the worry out of granting large sums of money. You can be confident that your grants will be recognized, tracked, and will make an impact.

When you have a fund – you have access to expert Philanthropic Advising.

Philanthropic Advisors Lauren Renda CAP and Lyndsey Crossley CAP  are happy to talk with you about your charitable goals. Reach them at 775-333-5499

Log into Donor Central for 24/7 convenient grantmaking.

Donor Advised Funds: A Simple, Highly Personal Approach to Charitable Giving

Considering a private foundation?
Learn about the advantages of a donor advised fund. Features of a private foundation are side by side with the features of a donor advised fund in this comparison chart.

Donor Services:

  • Nonprofit Research includes checking a charity’s nonprofit status, its IRS 990 form to learn the percentage of its budget spent on administration and fundraising, and its program focus and current funding priorities.
  • Explore Giving Opportunities. If you know what you want to do but don’t know which charity to support, your relationship manager will make inquiries and recommend organizations doing great work in your interest area.
  • Site visits can deepen your relationship with your philanthropy. We welcome you along to meet the nonprofit director and learn more about the programs you support.
  • Custom Grant Management. We can manage requests for grant proposals from your fund, publicize and collect the Requests for Proposals, and synthesize the returned information to make your grant decisions easier.
  • Philanthropic Strategy. Our team can help you define or refine short- and long-term giving goals and strategies, identify emerging opportunities for impactful grantmaking and develop a family giving plan for current and future generations.
  • Scholarship Program Development. Our team can work with you to design and manage a scholarship aid program for students who meet your selected criteria. We can help develop program parameters, understand what kind of support to provide recipients, as well as develop materials and other outreach efforts to reach the targeted students. We will help process applications, host interviews, and process payments.
  • Anonymous Giving. Unlike a private foundation whose financial reports and tax returns are public information, a charitable fund with the Community Foundation can safeguard donor privacy at any level desired. Donors may choose a fund or foundation name that ensures anonymity, ensuring their name does not appear on grant checks, financial reports or other public documents. Donors may differentiate between gifts made anonymously and gifts that carry the name of the family, foundation or company. We can also manage relations with grantees and beneficiaries, handle all mail and correspondence and much more.
    Generational Giving Strategies.  We work with each member of the family to identify what matters most to them. We can help families build consensus around their philanthropic goals, and work with your family to build a giving plan that accurately reflects your values and motivations. We can help you create guiding principles, outline meaningful roles and coach on best practices to create your family giving strategy.

Downloads and Forms

Fundholder Handbook cover

The Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund Handbook 

Grant Recommendation Form for Fund Advisors

Stock Gift Form


In 2018, Community Foundation funds distributed more than $11.7 million in grants and scholarships. The Community Foundation manages more than 230 separate charitable funds worth more than $106.7 million. We can help you plan your contribution to receive maximum tax advantages. You are encouraged to make well-researched grants. Community Foundation program staff will research and present you with grant opportunities that make the most of your generosity. As a fundholder of the Community Foundation, you are encouraged to meet with nonprofit executives at our office, or accompany Program staff on a site visit. Get to know the nonprofits you support. When you do, your giving will mean more to you and will have a bigger impact.