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Otto A. Huth Scholarship Fund

Aging out of foster care or child welfare custody in Nevada?

The Otto A. Huth Scholarship Fund is established to provide support for youth who are about to age out of foster care or have already aged out of foster care in the state of Nevada who are seeking support for post-high school education (university, community college, business school, and trade school) at institutions located within the United States. Applicants must apply before their 21st birthday.

Applicants may apply for a scholarship for a maximum of 5 years for up to $40,000 in total. Annual scholarship awards are not to exceed $10,000. Scholarship awards may cover tuition, on-campus room & board, books, student health insurance, on-campus meal plans, and other education-related expenses.

Applications must include:

  • transcript
  • essay (max. one page) written by the student that tells the selection committee about: your life, your plans for the future, why you chose your program, how your education will impact your life, and how you plan to finance your education
  • letter of nomination from a teacher/counselor who knows the student’s goals, life story

Eligible applicants must:

  • apply for the Huth Scholarship before the age of 21, and
  • initiate their post-high school education at an eligible institution (university, community college, business school, and trade school) in the United States
  • begin their post-high school education within 12 months after acceptance
  • have a 2.0 GPA
  • plan to attend school full-time
  • agree to maintain the minimum GPA requirement as established by the student’s chosen institution and provide a copy of unofficial transcripts at the end of each semester they are receiving a scholarship

Meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee a scholarship award will be granted.