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Alan Bain Initiative in Math or Science

The Bain Initiative in Science or Math Award rewards students for their achievement in science or math.


The Bain Initiative in Science or Math Award rewards students for their achievement in science or math. Students interested in applying for this award should submit a description of a project they have been involved with that demonstrates initiative in science or math. Be sure to include sufficient detail for the selection committee; photos, links to YouTube videos, etc., are encouraged but not required. 

You are eligible to apply for this award if you:

  • Attend 9-12 grade in high school in northern Nevada (from Tonopah, north)

Along with this application, attach:

  • math/science project description
  • one letter of recommendation from a teacher, mentor, or others who know you and your work
  • transcript

Meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee a scholarship award will be granted. Recipients will be chosen based on criteria, primarily achievement in science or math, particularly outside the usual science or math core curriculum. This is a one-time award of up to $500. 

The deadline to apply via the online application is March 1st. 

Mr. Bain enjoyed spending time designing, fabricating, modeling, and studying. 
He acquired two college degrees, one in psychology and the other in general studies. His technical expertise was in communications and electronics, in which he earned the status of Chief Warrant Officer in the Army and Senior Field Engineer with General Dynamics Corporation. 

The mathematics and science project award is designed to catch students who have not limited themselves to what is expected but to generate curiosity and interest in something out of the ordinary in either one or both fields. 

The selection committee will look at the complexity of the project. The details acquired, the technicality, an explanation of what is being described, and the thought process used to develop conclusions. 

Alan G. Bain (September 15, 1932 - December 6, 2020)

Allen G. Bain