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In a 2003 Sparks High graduation speech, Kendyl exemplified her faith in the potential of the Washoe County School District and its students.

 Public education allows us to frame our own futures to choose what those futures will be regardless of gender, skin color, disability, or wealth. Public education is the great opener of doors, the leveler of playing fields, the  purveyor of equal opportunities. This country rewards effort, hard work, and … education.




Principals, teachers, administrators, or student organizations with guidance and approval from
faculty from Washoe County Elementary, Middle, or High Schools are eligible to apply for a
grant from this fund. Grants are distributed once annually; one or more grants of up to $5,000
may be awarded. Applications open October 15th and due November 15th. Funds will be disbursed in early December. Submit your application by email to lrenda@nevadafund.org