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The LOI for 2018 Partnership Grants live April 16 with a June 1st deadline.

 Congratulations to our 2017 Partnership Grant Winners!

Nonprofits have done so much good with Partnership Grants.

The last ten years, focusing on a variety of subjects, Partnership Grants distributed $1.3 million to 101 nonprofits, large and small, in our region. Recently, we focused the scope of Partnership Grants. During 2016, 2017 and again in 2018, Partnership Grants will help fund projects committed to evaluation and measuring nonprofit program effectiveness. These last two grant cycles, we distributed a total of $182,644 to 12 organizations.

The Community Foundation’s focus on evaluation means we helped support nonprofit best practices to elevate the work of the entire charity sector. We are proud of our evaluation-focused granting. When an organization knows how to concretely measure and talk about their impact in the community, they gain credibility and are eligible to apply for transformative grants from government and large private foundations.

By focusing our Partnership Grants on nonprofit areas of work that historically attract little money, these grants have become extremely valued.  Fundholders and friends who contribute to the Partnership Grant program are confident their money will be used for high impact projects.

If you have questions or would like to join the Partnership and contribute funds for the grants, please call Program Officer Lauren Renda at 775-333-5499.

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