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Village on Sage Street Waiting List Demographics

I am asked about a lot of questions about the Village on Sage Street. While the construction progress and  site amenities are important, people really want to know who will be living at the Village. The demographics of the 120 people that have applied for residency on the Volunteers of America list makes me think it will be a diverse community. Applicants ages range between 20 and 70. Young people will be part of the community, as more than 20 of the applicants are under the age of 25.  The vast majority of future residents are employed with their income being earned. About 25% of the applicants are living on Social Security (SSA) or Disability (SSI). 38 people on the resident application list earn below the minimum required of $1,300 a month, and three people earn more than the upper limit of $2,500 a month.  The “income qualified” applicants’ average income is $1,651, which means that the $400 rental rate including utilities will be just 24% of the average resident’s income. Part of what will make the Village an attractive place to live is the common areas use of colors, landscaping, and art, inside and outside the buildings. The exterior common areas will feature a patio and firepit area, pet relief areas, plenty of parking, benches, and an extensive walkway system.  The interior common areas include meeting rooms, a gym, two television lounges, a community building with seating for games, a “grab and go” food concession, and a fully-equipped laundry facility. A planned color palate will enhance the exterior of three of the buildings, all of the interior hallways, room doors, and outside architectural and shade features.  The entire facility is being branded with unique lettering and signage.  Interior hallways will feature art highlighting northern Nevada landscapes and sights. During the last three weeks, the final buildings were trucked in and set in place.  Planning paperwork is almost complete with just one more item, the gas plan from NV Energy, to be done shortly.  The remaining pieces of the wall were installed following work on a gas pipeline.  We are truly getting to the final stages of heavy construction work on the site, although it doesn’t necessarily look like it. A flurry of activity is about to begin to, hopefully, open doors a new home for 200 people before Christmas. This is a community Public/Private/Social project. The Community Foundation is proud to be a partner in this exciting housing opportunity. We continue to need donations as 29% is left to secure of the $8.4 million needed for the project.  If you would like to have a personal tour and learn how you can contribute, please give me a call. Chris Askin, President, and CEO 775-333-5499 or