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Village on Sage Street is Filling Up

*photo above: Oscar Delgado leads a tour of dorm building during the August 20, Grand Opening.

The Village on Sage Street opened this summer and the occupancy has been steady. As of October 22nd, 85 people have moved in.

Residents include youth from the Eddy House, individuals from Crossroads, students at UNR, and people of all ages.  We estimate that 13% of residents are veterans.  The vast majority are in our local workforce.  Community life is in full swing and the food store is open daily.  AGC is helping by volunteering to build a gazebo, which will be the final capital improvement.  Financial classes are being held and study groups are seen in the dining hall.

The Village on Sage Street is an award-winning housing community in Reno.

At the 8th Annual EDAWN Existing Industry Awards, the Village on Sage Street was recognized with the President's Award. Chris Askin joined on stage by Par Tolles, Allison Gorelick, Pat Cashell, Dan Carne, Community Foundation major donors and other partners to the project, accepted the award and thanked the many community members who contributed and companies who worked on the project.
The Community Foundation is honored to have been awarded the 2019 Outstanding Community Partner Award from the America Planners Association N. NV for leadership in developing the Village on Sage Street. Residents express their gratitude for this living option that meets their budgets. I am clear that we have done a great thing for Reno and I hope it is an example for other cities.  We still have fundraising to do (of the $9.5m cost, $3.34 million remains to be raised).  The concept is working well and we are confident that contributions to finish paying off the bills can be secured. As the temperatures drop and winter sets in this year, know that hundreds of people have found a warm, safe, and supportive place to live, thanks to our shared community vision, and solid execution of the concept. Chris Askin, President, and CEO