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Twentieth Century Club Looks Ahead to 2100

The Twentieth Century Club, the oldest women's    club in Nevada, plans to carry their commitment to  philanthropy into the next century by establishing  an endowment with the Community Foundation.    This year the club awarded two medically related    scholarships to TMCC as well as grants to meet our  community's urgent needs. In 1980, the club sold its landmark building on First Street near Arlington Avenue and now meets monthly at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino featuring a program of music or lectures. In nearly 100 years, the 20th Century Club has been involved in passing laws prohibiting spitting on the sidewalks, urging funding for public kindergarten in the state, starting the first Nevada circulating library, and in the 1950-70's they were well known for organizing and hosting the JA (Junior Assembly) Ball in their beautiful building.  It will be interesting to see how the next generations of this forward-looking group of women use the charitable income generated from their growing endowment in 2100.