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Task Force on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Created by Community Foundation Board

 “We value inclusiveness, diversity, and equity.  Our organization is characterized by a generous and caring spirit."

Community Foundation Core Values

 As our community and the country confront racism and discrimination, a national conversation is growing about equity and inclusion. This conversation spread to our June board meeting prompting us to form a Board Task Force to identify our role with diversity, equity, and inclusion. Task Force volunteers care personally and deeply about improving our society and are participating in a variety of community programs, meetings, and forums. Task Force members come from our board, which is growing more diverse over time.

Some members have shared, that despite being successful professionals, they have been racially profiled and faced discrimination. Others have shared that assimilating into the dominant culture to be competitive is necessary.

While we are fortunate to live in a compassionate community, we must also recognize that our region still has a way to go until it is equitable for everyone. Motivated by advancing equity, Task Force members bring information and ideas that are being used and discussed throughout the country to the table weekly. Members are working to make the Community Foundation aware of and address inequities.

In addition to researching national and community sources for guidance ideas, the Task Force is leading an internal review.

Historical information regarding staff and board leadership was compiled, and after thoroughly reviewing organizational bias assessments used throughout the country, two were chosen to be completed by all staff and board members. After our internal use and review, the Community Foundation will distribute these assessment tools to local charities for their own use.  It is our intent to be a leader in equity and inclusiveness and to provide tools to other community groups to help them with their efforts. The Community Foundation leadership and committee structure includes experts in many subject areas.  Their leadership, combined with our assessment results, will guide us as we explore our policies, procedures, and practices, by examining diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our initiative work, scholarship programs, grantmaking, investment relationships, marketing, and leadership.  The Task Force will use what we learn in our assessment, to determine how the Community Foundation will lead collaborative efforts that will bring positive change in our region. The Community Foundation of Western Nevada is your partner in the philanthropic aspect of both your current financial plans as well as your estate planning. Please give me a call for a confidential conversation. Together we will do our best to navigate these complex and challenging times. We are proud to be a member of your team. Please give me a call at 775-333-5499 if you would like to discuss your concerns and ideas. Chris Askin, President, and CEO

PS – The Community Foundation office is open. We welcome visitors and prospective donors as we follow all appropriate COVID-10 safety measures.