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Supporting Safe Schools for 10 years

For Immediate ReleaseFebruary 24, 2014 Community Foundation of Western Nevada Supporting Safe Schools for 10 years. From: Community Foundation of Western NevadaContact: Chris Askin, President and CEOPhone: 775-333-5499  Email: Reno Nev- The Community Foundation of Western Nevada’s commitment to reduce school violence and to work to create a culture of acceptance and no bullying within the school district is demonstrated in grants and activities through the Lilli Trinchero Celebrate Diversity Fund. In 2004 with collaboration with the WCSD the Foundation created a “No Bullying Allowed” Resource Guide and curriculum for every 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teacher, and all elementary school counselors in the district.  In 2006 The Marguerite Wattis Petersen Foundation augmented the Celebrate Diversity gift by purchasing a collection of 25 books, both story books for children and resource books for families, teachers and counselors for 25 elementary school libraries.  The books given were either referenced as an integral part of the “No More Bullies” curriculum or as resources listed in the back of each resource binder given to the teachers. In subsequent years a resource binder and curriculum for middle schools was created and distributed. A cash awards program was instituted to recognize schools that had made significant progress in reducing bullying or implementing anti-bullying programs. 50 copies of the DVD “Bully” and 150 books titled “Bully, An Action Plan for Teachers, Parents, and Communities” were purchased for the District. In 2009 the Celebrate Diversity fund made grants to Dilworth Middle School for special assemblies and programs including the powerfully interactive “Teen Truth Live” on the topic of Stopping Bullying in Schools.  Lilli Trinchero, the force behind and major donor to the Celebrate Diversity fund, was recognized for her efforts by Nevada State Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto at an assembly at Pine Middle School in April 2010. The Lilli Trinchero Celebrate Diversity Fund collaborates with and makes significant grants to (CAP) Child Assault Prevention program, which teaches a comprehensive and effective curriculum in 2nd 4th and 6th grades.  CAP Director Rebecca LeBeau remarked, “Lilli Trinchero’s gentle encouragement and financial support from the Trinchero Celebrate Diversity fund was the motivation to write and pilot 6th grade curriculum.”  CAP’s curriculum is effective. Children are tested 90 days after the CAP program is taught in their classroom to see what information they retained, and questionnaires are sent to counselors and teachers. The CAP program goal is to measure 40% of sample size using the information. The actual rate of retention exceeds that goal at 65%. In addition to funding programs and making grants the Community Foundation of Western Nevada hosts meetings  of the Anti-Bullying Taskforce including the Attorney General’s office, WCSD staff, LeBeau, and others concerned with school bullying to keep abreast of new activities to prevent bullying.  The Community Foundation website, hosts updated web resource links to WCSD, State of Nevada, National and LGBT information for parents and students. In March 2013 WCSD began working with Community Matters to assess the overall climate of the School District. Community Matters is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization whose mission is to collaborate with schools and communities in creating safe and inclusive environments where youth and adults thrive. In October, the Community Foundation of Western Nevada contracted with Community Matters to conduct a “school climate audit” and to lead a planning retreat. A two-day Washoe County School District School Climate retreat was held November 21-22, 2013. Participants included local nonprofits such as Girls Scouts of the Sierra Nevada and Child Assault Prevention, School District staff and directors including Superintendent Pedro Martinez and WCSD Chief of Police Mike Mieras, Community Foundation staff and Lilli Trinchero. WCSD is currently working on a plan to implement the findings from the “Project to Strengthen and Improve WCSD Climate” that was funded by the Community Foundation and designed by Community Matters. ### The Community Foundation of Western Nevada is a public nonprofit charitable organization established in Nevada, by Nevadans, for the benefit of our region. $65 million in grants and scholarships have been distributed to charitable organizations and students in northern and western Nevada in the last 15 years. The Community Foundation of Western Nevada’s mission is to strengthen our community through philanthropy and leadership by connecting people who care with causes that matter.