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Support the Charities that Make Nevada our Home

How can we sustain the quality of our community life through the crisis and beyond?

This pandemic is devastating, and I hope for most of us, a once-in-a-lifetime event. The impact on life, the liberty to move about as we want, and financial health, is unprecedented. It’s natural to focus inward, on our personal needs. I think it is also critical that we make room in our lives to focus concern and support outward towards the things that make life fulfilling. I ask you to generously support emergency assistance to those in need today. Please also keep in mind a challenge from the COVID-19 crisis will be the recovery of our economy and businesses, and that may take much longer than we hope. Nonprofit organizations that provide food, shelter, and assistance to those who struggle are fixed on our radar during our current situation and to help our community organizations to stay in business for tomorrow. But what of the vast majority of organizations that steward our natural resources, provide arts, entertainment, and culture? What about Nevada's historic places and artifacts? I value the organizations that provide all ages with recreational and educational opportunities, and thousands of important resources and services that make our communities livable and loveable. A wide spectrum of diverse nonprofits invigorates the community that I am proud to call home. With museums closed, summer programs canceled, and events and festivals postponed for this year, and fundraising dinners called off, charities are facing financial difficulties on an unprecedented scale. Think of the charities you love, of the places you like to visit, the programs you enjoy attending, the events that are a huge part of our community. Consider supporting those charities with regular modest monthly gifts they can count on through the remainder of this year. Provide them with hope and assurance, that they are important to you and to our region.  Act today to commit and communicate that we will not let them fail. This week the Community Foundation of Western Nevada sent local nonprofits a survey to collect the present needs of our local non-profits, and importantly, learn what they see as their needs and challenges in the months ahead.  Nineteen organizations responded within the first day. We are learning how we can help and as we learn more we will share this information with you. But please, don’t wait! Think of the two or three charities you value and send them each a check and note letting them know what their service means to you.

Please share the Nonprofit Needs Survey with your favorite nonprofits or service groups. Help collect a bigger picture about the state of community needs.

Collectively, I am certain that we can be there for our community nonprofit organizations now and through this year, just as they have been there for us, our families, our children, and our community, for the past decades. Let’s help our local economy recover with an eye towards bringing back not just our jobs, but the quality of our community life. Please call me if I can help you make a gift plan that will help sustain our region today or through your estate. Chris Askin, President, and CEO 775-333-5499