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Summer is a Good Time for Charitable Gift Planning

“When is your busy time of the year?” is a question I am sometimes asked. It is a common assumption that the very end of the year is busiest due to year-end giving. Although every day is full at the Community Foundation, this is the time of year when we see heightened activity around charitable giving plans. August is no exception. Summer is a prime time for people to contemplate their gifting plans for 2017, and beyond. We have a pretty good idea what our annual income will be, we can better forecast changes in tax rules and know where the stock market is, so we have an idea how we are doing financially. As we are out and about, we can see the needs in our community and can take time to think about what we might do to help. This culmination of information, along with a certain state of relaxation that we get each summer, helps move along conversations about year-end giving. Thinking about year-end planning in summer gives the process plenty of time, so we can carefully consider what we want to do. I love this time of year and these conversations, which typically continue at an increased level into early October. It is much more enjoyable to make plans while there is no “year-end” pressure. Some of the gifts we are helping with involve property, liquidation of certain stocks that have reached historic highs, and split interest gifts that may involve annuity agreements, the formation of trusts, or termination of private foundations. Once the holiday season begins, which seems to kick off on Nevada Day at the end of October, life gets busier for most people. At the Community Foundation, we are more likely to be working on the implementation stage of people’s plans, though our staff knows well the excitement of a last-minute call that requires moving quickly during the latter months of the year. If you or a client have been thinking about a giving plan that may include a business, or property, or tax reduction, or income, now is the time to contact the Community Foundation. We always have time to talk, plan, and to methodically and professionally ensure that your gift plans are realized. Chris Askin, President, and CEO Connecting people who care with causes that matter