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The Sky's the Limit. Philanthropy Supports the Perlan Project to the Edge of Space.

Imagine an engineless aircraft reaching the edge of space. A wonderful aspect of philanthropy is that it can be a singularly personal reflection of your interests and passions. A Community Foundation fundholder with a love of science, exploration, and aviation expanded the boundaries of his usual grants when he was an early supporter of the Perlan Project.  Community Foundation grants were devoted to the Perlan ll research glider construction and systems.  These grants are making it possible to increase our understanding of How the polar vortex influences weather patterns and ozone depletion.  As an early supporter, our donor's recommended grants helped the Perlan ll project "get off the ground" until it was sponsored by Airbus in 2014. The Perlan 2 will fly to 90,000 feet at the edge of space to explore the science of giant mountain waves that help create the ozone hole and change global climate models. This will require the engineering of a spacecraft with glider wings that can fly in less than 3% of normal air density and at temperatures of minus 70 degrees C, conditions approximating the surface of Mars. These missions will provide education and inspiration for young people seeking careers of exploration and adventure in engineering and science. Learn More about the Perlan Project and how it will ignite the imagination of school-age scientists as it helps us understand the relationship between mountain waves and weather, and inspires aero-dynamic advancement. We are proud to display this beautiful photo of the Perlan ll flight in the Community Foundation office.