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Site Visits Deepen Fundholders' Connection to Their Philanthropy

Site visits are one way for the Community Foundation Fundholders to get to know an organization. They are a best practice among foundations globally, and present valuable opportunities for both Community Foundation staff and the nonprofit visited to share each other’s work.

A typical site visit involves a tour of the organization’s facility or project, as well as a conversation about the organization’s mission and activities. During the visits, Donor Services staff as well as Fundholders enrich their knowledge and build relationships with the nonprofit executives.

This month Program Officer Lyndsey Crossley accompanied members of the Women's Giving Circle Fund on-site visits to nonprofit living facilities serving women and children. The Women's Giving Circle is a Field of Interest fund dedicated to the power of the practice of philanthropy to create opportunities for positive change for women and children in our region. The Circle makes targeted three-year grants.  The Giving Circle set their priorities and decided themselves what nonprofits to visit.  Once the visits were scheduled, the Circle members boarded a shuttle bus and spent several hours touring facilities.

Community Foundation Donor Advised Fundholders have accompanied their staff relationship managers to wetlands in the Sierra Valley to learn about a historic opportunity to be part of a large-scale conservation effort, to the Village on Sage Street, and to pet rescue facilities. While not an everyday occurrence, site visits are an appreciated service provided to Fundholders by Community Foundation Donor Services staff. Site visits provide Fundholders with a feel and understanding of an agency in a personal way and increase their commitment to the cause and satisfaction with their gifts.